Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to start seeing the effects of EVOLVE?

A: We introduce you to the most powerful concepts first to get you started on your evolution straight away. This way you don’t even need to read it all to start seeing major benefits! We then build on those concepts throughout the book, and at the end, integrate the whole book together. The final picture provides unlimited benefits that cannot be realised unless the whole package is understood. Even then, it can take several months, even years, to fully process the information. However, like we said, we provide you with some major benefits in the short term.

Q: I’ve tried some self help packages before, and I find it hard to keep up the routines that they promote.

A: EVOLVE doesn’t ask you to start any routines. You’ll find that once the seeds have been planted in your mind, they grow on their own. So rather than subscribing to rigourous practice routines to build up the skills we teach, you’ll be amazed at how they refine themselves naturally – with no effort on your part.

Q: I find some packages isolate me from my friends and family, because they’re not interested in the information.

A: The advantages you will gain from EVOLVE are designed to be “self-replicating”. In other words, you will be able to share them with your friends and family with little effort. All the powerful concepts you absorb will shine from you like an unavoidable beacon, letting those you care about not only advance with you, but grow even closer to you.

Q: Can EVOLVE really make me a better person?

A: No matter what your definition is of a better person, our information is an excellent tool for you to improve every area of your life. From wealth to mental health, you can change your life. With EVOLVE, you can make everlasting changes. You will be happier, more productive, and more energized with excitement than you have ever experienced before. It really is possible to EVOLVE your mind and personality.

Q: Will EVOLVE make me rich?

A: It’s important to understand the context of EVOLVE. It is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme or marketing gimmick. It is a set of tools to improve every area of your life. Once you begin to use these tools, you should find success, in it’s various forms, is a by-product. The book does go into fundemental secrets of making money – but it will depend on how you use them – as well as your personal circumstances – whether or not you become financially successful. Having said that however, where many companies and books offer vague advice on this such as “work hard”, we deliver specific advice on how to use what you learn to acheive the things you desire.

Q: How does EVOLVE compare to similar programs on the market?

A: EVOLVE stands high above any other self help package, even the most famous ones, because it dares to go where no-one else does. Too many self help packages are deep rooted in mystical beliefs, promising benefits for downright bizarre practices. We keep it real. EVOLVE is one of the most honest, down to Earth packages you will ever experience.

Q: How does EVOLVE compare to previous books from POWER ESSENCE?

A: EVOLVE has gone through an extensive planning process. The whole book is extremely organised and follows a very logical, easy to follow structure, where the knowledge builds up in stages. There are summaries after each section and we conclude with an overall explanation of the entire package. This makes it extremely easy to absorb and integrate. We have had input from all around the world, and from previous customers, so that everything is explained in the most easy to follow pattern. As well as being of a far higher quality than anything we’ve ever made, EVOLVE is 3 times bigger than any of our older packages.

Q: Are there any plans for an audio version?

A: If the demand is high enough, yes, we will make an audio version. In the meantime, we’ve enabled features in Adobe Reader so that it will actually read the text out loud for you. If you have any other specific needs, please let us know. We believe everybody should be able to access this information.

Q: How many pages are there in EVOLVE?

A: Including the cover, there are 200 A4 sized pages in total. The PDF is over 1 Megabyte in size.

Q: I haven’t received the download instructions. What should I do?

A: Check your email filter settings (and junk/spam folder!) and make sure that you have Power Essence set as safe. We will never sell your information or use your email for any other purpose than to send you the download instructions or by replying to your queries.

A: Make sure you are using a valid active email when making your payment through Paypal. We have had several occurrences where the customer has mistyped their email. You should receive a confirmation from Paypal with the transaction number. You will also receive the download-info email from us instantly (depending on Internet traffic). If you do not receive our download email within 24 hours, contact us at admin @ poweressence.com with your purchase details so that we can verify.

Q: When I click to download, nothing happens.

A: The download is over 1 Megabyte, so it may take an hour or more to download the PDF depending on your Internet connection speed. Be sure to right-click and save the file to your desktop or to a folder you can find later. Remember to write down the password at the download page.