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Positive Self Esteem

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It’s easy to gain self confidence and increase positive self esteem. The goal will be to get your mind to a state where you will always take steps to positively work on your confidence and in overcoming self esteem issues. You really can build your own positive self esteem. Once you have taken steps to gain self esteem, it will become easier and faster to build on those successes.

Mind Your Own Business

The first, most important thing you must learn is that what other people think about you is none of your business. I know that is a hard one to overcome since you probably want to control what other people think of you, but that is impossible to do. People will have positive and negative opinions about you no matter what you do. Read our short article on this subject here: What You Think of Me

Learn to mind your own business – for your own sake and sanity! Once you drop the desire to control what other people think of you and increase your positive opinion of yourself, you will gain self confidence. You can do this without being arrogant but rather sublimely confident.

Productive Work

Productive work is one of the most important keys to a happy life. You need it for your self-esteem, mental growth, and a genuine sense of purpose. Productive work will help you build your self esteem. Being productive can produce feelings of accomplishment which will help you gain self confidence.

One of the keys to happiness is to do what you love as your work. Any type of work can be productive work, and it is up to you to develop ways to be as productive as possible while keeping that love for work constantly going.

Vacation Life

You might think sitting on a beach for the rest of a vacation life sounds like it might be a nice life, and yes, it may be for a while, but eventually boredom will set in and both your body and mind will waste away. This kind of life does nothing to build your self esteem.

Humans are not supposed to sit around all day doing absolutely nothing. Productive work is one of the most important keys to life. It can bring you self-esteem, gain self confidence, increase social interaction, increase mental growth, skyrocket motivation, and endow you with a positive sense of purpose.

The key to a good vacation life is to add value to the world even while you are on vacation! Have a real vacation life every so often, while keeping your productive work going your entire life.

Overcoming Shyness

Regardless of how severe or how minor your shyness and self esteem are right now, know that it is possible to train yourself in new abilities and to achieve better self esteem and greater confidence. Shyness is just a state of mind and states of mind can be changed. It is possible to overcome your shyness and to begin to reach out with confidence and make new friends. Here is another excellent article: Overcoming Shyness

Gain Self Confidence

How do you handle criticisms and compliments? If someone puts you down, do you find yourself overcoming self esteem that is suddenly low? Here is another Power Essence article that talks about criticism and compliments:Improve your self-esteem

Learn to take all criticism as constructive criticism. Know when someone is coming from their own low self-esteem if they are negative or harshly mean.

Gain self confidence in knowing that you can take in all criticism regardless of how negatively it is delivered to you. When you’ve learned to not bother with negative opinions and to really listen to the constructive criticism and learn from it, then you truly will gain self confidence that gets stronger and stronger with each experience. Push for maximum self esteem!

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  • Luke Chao

    A lot of people think that life will be perfect when they’re retired and they’ve got nothing to do, but the opposite is true. Getting things done, making things happen and knocking a whole lot of items off your to-do list feels really good.

  • Jason Mcmurray

    I totally agree with you about not worrying about what others think! If a person spends their time focusing on what other people think about their course of actions, they will be immobilized to take the very actions needed to succeed.

    Also, sitting back and being lazy is no way to gain happiness as you said. Thinking that laying on a beach all day or not having to work is happiness, is wrong.

    True happiness comes from having a passionate pursuit! Doing work that you love and can put your full being into. You must believe in what you are doing and believe that you have the ability to accomplish your goals.

    In fact, this belief is what will guide you and make you more resourceful and creative to come up with solutions that will make you succeed. I wrote an article on beliefhere

    Great article!

    Jason McMurray

  • Jan

    I loved your way of telling us to mind our own business! I’ve never thought too much about trying to control what other people think of me but having said that, perhaps it has happened another way to me.

    My Father always tried to tell me to get along with others. I’ve always taken this to mean to try to please others. Now I realise this is simply another way of trying to control what they think of me….

    very interesting. Thank you.

  • Soham

    What others think about me never affected me but what I think about others prevents me from focusing on my goals and duties. Btw I have a blog about self esteem please do visit. I value and appreciate your opinion a lot.

  • Pia Cindy

     Just be in yourself. 

  • Pia Cindy

     Just be in yourself. 

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