Improving Your Creativity

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Here are steps you can use in creating something. This method differs from traditional approaches.

The author that describes the best creative process is Robert Fritz in his books, “The Path of Least Resistance” and “Creating”.

Basically, he states that structure determines behavior and structural tension moves us toward goals and equilibrium. He doesn’t mean the stressed-out tension we usually associate with the word, but rather the tension that pulls us to or away from what we have currently and what we want.

For an example of when we cannot achieve something we want, imagine giant rubber bands that pull you toward what you want but also pull you in the opposite direction toward a conflicting goal or belief.

The End Result

He suggests that we pick an end result as a goal, and to make sure it is not really a step in the process to some other ultimate goal — although, you can look at the steps as milestone goals if you want.

By setting up the end-result goal, you create structural tension in your mind, as if a giant rubber band is pulling you to your goal.

Take Action

After a goal is formulated in your mind, then pick the next best step to achieving that goal — which, when starting out will of course be your first action step.

Once a step is taken, then re-evaluate your current reality regarding the goal. Was the action step taken effective in moving you toward the goal or moving you away from it? If it did not move you toward the goal, then readjust and take a slightly different action step toward the goal.

When a step is successful in moving you toward the goal, then evaluate your current reality again and take the next best step.


Granted, some evaluation about what is the next best step may take some time or it may be accomplished in a fraction of a second.

Now in all this, I use pure objective thoughts in order to evaluate reality. I don’t consult with astrology to make sure all the planets are in my favor, and I don’t pray to any deities to look favorably on my goals and to help me in my quest. If traditional methods call for these types of mystical approaches, then yes, my method differs greatly.

Why Create?

Some artists create from emotional pain or other negative emotions, and that’s probably true in some cases. I create because I love the vision in my mind enough to bring it into physical reality.

I think that’s a nice way to look at it — creating for the love of it. You can create for any reason, but your creations will always have some value, so pleasure can always be derived from creating.


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The best thing you can possibly do to increase your creativity is relax. You hear about musicians locking themselves away in a country cottage to write their next album. This is great, but it’s not always going to be possible or even necessary.

We’d suggest going for a walk or a run often, and alone. Not only does it help your fitness, it helps your mind become creatively active when you are doing it so ideas will flow naturally. Turn off the television and radio and keep distractions at a minimum.

It’s important you don’t try to force yourself to think things up. It’s better that you let it come to you naturally. Relax, and allow your creative right brain to work.

Meditation and practical pastimes such as building things, doing puzzles or even knitting can be good exercise for your mind, and it can help fuel your creativity.

It seems like a contradiction but when you’re in your most relaxed state, your mind is at its most stimulated state.

Business Applications and The Future

You can apply this to business and in thinking up business ideas by seeing the bigger picture and all the parts like puzzle pieces that make up the entire picture, like an implication tree; every part is connected to another vital part. Look as far as possible into the possible future. When you realize all that can be possible — it opens your eyes to a new world. This is in fact a vital skill for creativity in business.

As you see the future, you will be able to prepare and provide for it. You will see future needs, not just for the final step of your implication tree and current reality, but for the immediate future and everything in between.

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