Raising Super-Children: Ages 18 through Adulthood

raising children 18 through adult(continued from Jul 06 2009: Raising Super Children Ages 18 through Adulthood)

Age Eighteen Through Adulthood

If you are just now gaining this Power Essence knowledge and your children are already in this age range of eighteen through adulthood, then it may be next to impossible to transfer this information to them. Most young adults typically are set in their ways and they can be very resistant to new ways of thinking.

Many people in this age range who were brought up in the years before this writing can be arrogant and think they know it all, or they can be stuck in mystical thinking. The best recommendation we can make is to subtly and slowly transfer the knowledge by example and suggestions.

Highly Advanced

For those lucky children that are raised on this information, by the time they reach eighteen years of age they will be highly advanced mentally and more mature and secure in their personality than their counterparts of the past.

Don’t be surprised if they have already started their own business or secured their dream job before they reach eighteen or soon after.

Your Best Friends

At eighteen, instead of rebelling against you as most kids have in the past with their parents, your evolved child will still think of you as one of their best friends and confide in you for suggestions.

Although your child is now an adult and living on their own, you can still keep in frequent communication with them and do things together. Take trips together. Have family reunions and other gatherings or celebrations to help spread the experience of closeness to all of your relatives.

If as a civilization, we discover the science of immortality or at least longevity, then imagine living forever with your children alive forever too, and all your progeny! Imagine the family celebrations! Best friends forever (bff) takes on a whole new dimension with biological longevity!

Stimulating Conversations

Along with the personal conversations you can have with your young adult children, have as many stimulating business-related, dream job talks as you can. Inspire them and help motivate them to really get into creating and running a business providing valuable products or services or in being the exceptional employee with whatever company. It is not unheard of these days to have young adults creating multi-million dollar businesses before they leave their teenage years so start the stimulating communication on this as early as possible.

Love Relationships

Also, discuss the benefits of a deeply committed love-relationship and in having a family of their own. Having children can be a richly rewarding experience and having that information early on can open up that responsibility in your child’s mind. They may choose not to have a family or even love relationships, but at least present these options.

We here at Power Essence Company hope the best for you and your children, and we hope the information you have read here will help inspire you to be the ultimate parent.

written by Maxwell Jennings