How to Survive the Gloom and Doom

by Gil Magno — June 14, 2009

Everywhere I turn I hear how bad things are. And I’m sick of it. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people don’t know what in hell they are talking about, including me, concerning what is going on in the world and especially in the US.

So I decided to go to the center of all centers and do some inner reflecting and thinking on this matter, in order to free myself from this concern. And the following is what has transpired. Be it right or wrong, doesn’t matter, for it is right for me, and immediately dispels the confusion I’ve felt on this subject for some time, and the dark clouds of doubt, fear and insecurity felt by the majority of the population, who are in apathy. I decided to share it with you.

They say the problems are the economy, terrorism, Obama, the patriot act, emigration, loss of employment, foreclosures, and everything else from swine flu to the new law of cyber bullying, and the gossip going around that we will be placed in concentration camps, being built all over America, if we disagree with the government.

To me these are super-exaggerated bits of negativity mixed with some truths that spread epidemics of terror that aggravate the tendency of Man/Woman to spread gloom and doom, because misery loves company. It has been so in all ages.

Spreading this gloom and doom like wild fire is the perverted media. And the 85% per cent of the indolent population who depend on the government and who haven’t awakened yet, eat and drink up this stuff with great relish. These 85% percent are the losers, the majority, the dependents, the irresponsible. Yes, irresponsible, for they do not take it upon themselves to learn, to educate themselves nor ask themselves the questions introduced below. The remaining 15% per cent are the creators, the self-leaders, the innovators. They keep an eye on what’s happening but their dependence on self does not allow them to fall for the common lies that the media so ingeniously propagate. The media in most cases is told what to say to the public. They are controlled by the corporations. And the corporations to a great extent control politics. And the government simply loves people who cannot depend on themselves. “How wonderful it is that the 85 % percent are so easily scared,” think the politicians, “now they can be controlled.”

It seems everyone is looking for somebody or some organization to blame for the condition of the world and the US. Let me tell you right now that nobody is to blame directly. It’s not the government, Obama, the politicians, the rich, the corporations, the economy, or anything else.

Now get ready for this: the problem lies imbedded in human nature. You can take advantage of the situation in order to grow, or you can go with it and crash.

The problem lies on lack of understanding of certain metaphysical laws that have to do with existence, that the majority have neglected because they have been lied to into believing that Man/Woman has nothing to do with his own development and the purpose of life on this planet. I firmly believe – in fact I know – that this metaphysical exposition that you are reading, if digested in one’s mind and heart will not only make the gloom and doom disappear from one’s life but will add to his success as a physical and spiritual being in any circumstance of life.

The solution is quickened by a deliberately improved awareness; through individually practiced spiritualization. Spiritualization was supposed to be taught by religion. But its tools for teaching it have fallen through a decadence of absurdities. And so Man/Woman is so busy chasing money that s/he has lost touch with the knowledge of who s/he is and his purpose for living

Mental illness, corruption and degradation are all inherent in the make-up of Man/Woman. This can be seen in the history of mankind from its beginnings to the present. Man/Woman’s principal occupation through the ages was killing. In all ages Man/Woman killed, stole, raped, enslaved, and tortured by burning, stretching, lacerating, hanging, drowning, disemboweling, decapitating, burying alive, and many more diabolical goodies. Only in the last three centuries has Man/Woman shown a tendency towards benevolence. But all the evil above still resides dormant in most of humanity.

This is not to say that Man/Woman is evil. Basically, Man/Woman is actually good. Man/Woman is naturally benevolent. But s/he only begins acting good and benevolent when all the evil traits are expiated, eliminated and understood in his mind, either by natural evolvement, or effort on one’s part in exploring himself and his spiritual make-up.

It was the duty of religion to spiritually enlighten the populace. But it failed to do its job right. Why? They are humans, full of imperfections, jealousy, greed, envy, laziness, etc., and the work done on themselves is colored by lies and mystical myths from evil books rotting with time. And so the problems of the world today, and especially of the US, can only be corrected by addressing human nature and its metaphysical connections.

artist John White - Creation
artist John White - Creation

Human nature evolves, then devolves, then evolves again, etc. This has been observed for the past 3000 years. Civilizations thrive and die due to this process of evolution/devolution in nature and in other less understood spiritual forces in the universe. This syndrome continues until Man/Woman’s mind, due to indifference, is no longer capable of appreciating the silent spiritual pull of evolution; at which point it crashes. This is what has happened to great civilizations of the past. And this is what is happening in the world today. It’s not the economy, the status of real-estate, nor unemployment. It’s a built-in process in human nature.


Here’s an example through simple observation: My avocado tree gave me many avocados five years ago; last year it gave me only three. This year many are growing again. Nature does this with everything. I’ve said it before in my writings and I say it again, that everyone pays too much adoration to science; and tries to invoke it to prove everything. The fact is that all one needs is personal, unbiased and unconditioned observation; for all truth is within you. Science proves one thing today and disproves it tomorrow.

In humans, I believe – no! I know – there are forces in concert with the wisdom of all the minds in the universe that impel a society to evolve and evolve, and then, not having the vigor to take or comprehend the top step, the society devolves with a crash. And this is what we are experiencing in the confusion all over the world. We are experiencing a devolution in order to have a greater evolution later. Present Man/Woman knows little about this, nor cares to spend enough time with himself to discover what in hell s/he’s doing here. It’s all a mad rush to get more and more money and then drop dead from an attack of some kind.

Suppose that you’re god, and you are conducting a marionette show for the kids. You’re standing on a hidden ledge of a home-made stage and you are directing, through invisible wires, all these marionettes of different characters. Now, the marionettes, not knowing that god is directing them through the wires called life, become conceited and begin to go wild and out of harmony with the whole show. They jump and carouse, go totally out of control, until god cannot direct them any more. You’ll do well to meditate on this allegory for five minutes everyday. Keep in mind however, that this allegory has nothing to do with a typical proverbial god.

You can see this direction in the vegetable world and in the animal kingdom. Animals living in the wild do not break animal ethics. They are guided as to what to eat, how to survive, how to take care of their young, and they don’t get sick; and if they do, they instinctively know what to do.

Man/Woman, though still belonging to the animal kingdom, was born with an ability that is higher and much more powerful than the animals’. But the very power that gave the animals the directions to know how to proceed correctly, separated itself from Man/Woman to allow Man/Woman to recognize his own ability of self-determinism. If you had a child whom you were training and preparing for life you would realize that at some point you’d have to hold back that direction so that the child could learn on his own and become self-sufficient. Man/Woman is not only self-determined but s/he is the greatest power in the universe. But s/he doesn’t know it yet. S/he, unlike all the animals, has the power of free choice; either to be a conceited, flippant “shmuck,” or an earthly god who helps himself and the world to survive effortlessly, happily and peacefully. When society reaches a point of beginning to understand what is written above, well… life will be great for all; no more bad economy nor coercion from the government.

You see, life is basically simple. But we’ve made a mess out of it. We are living so many lies, that life has become a monster of many heads. Basically, we are living to do research. To find out who in hell or heaven we are. As we go about this project we want to live peacefully, healthily and comfortably. We want to make life easier and inspiring. And we should want to help others achieve the same. That’s it! But the 85% per cent, whose heads are full of lies make everything very complicated. And here is where the economy, politics and education go awry. It becomes very confusing. And so, in order to survive – so they think – they must engage in a perpetual obsession of “screw thy neighbor.” They think that money and power are going to solve everything. They aren’t.

In discovering your purpose in life, as presented below, all you are doing is discovering yourself to make life a wonderful experience for yourself. And when you align your personal purpose with the purpose of life itself, you are helping and contributing to that wonderful experience for others, more or less evolved than you.

So we see that the economy, the unrest, the fear, the politics and the greed are all self-created idiocy not based on true values. And why not? Because Man/Woman is ignorant of the bigger picture, the spiritual blueprint. S/he is ignorant of the simplicity of it all. Because most of us have been hypnotized with lies for the past 3000 years. And in business, medicine, education, government and economy, we create poisons and then beg for an antidote from the government or actually sell the antidote. The majority decide how desirable something is by how much money it will bring regardless of the good to self and society.

So, how do we begin to create an ideal life? Do we join groups and letter-writing campaigns to change the minds of others? Do we join “ra-ra” religions? Do we sacrifice ourselves? Do we blame Tom, Dick and Harry?

photo_5979_20080516Let me introduce a program that I promulgate in my book, The Road to Victory – Create Your own New World. It is called, The Square Deal.

The Square Deal

The Square Deal is applied in four steps:

1. Implementation of honesty with self and reality.

2. Answering four questions to oneself:
a) Where did I come from?
b) What am I doing on this planet?
c) Where am I going?
d) What is the purpose of life?

3. Eliminating and/or unburdening oneself of conditioning, tradition, and the lies existing in both the conscious and subconscious minds.

4. Discovering one’s purpose in life and aligning it with the purpose of life itself.

These four steps are the basis of one’s spiritual blueprint that one will use to never again worry about the state of the world; or anything else for that matter. Let not one day pass that you don’t think about it. You can engage these steps one after the other, but it’s better to act on them all at the same time and from moment to moment.

Now, let’s take a look at each one:

Step 1 – Implementation of Honesty With Self and Reality:

The average person never for one moment looks inwardly at himself; therefore s/he has no idea of what honesty with self is. Honesty to this person is just a “nice” word to use when s/he can’t get away without it.

Honesty with self, means to observe oneself constantly to be able to determine what the real truth of anything is.

Honesty with reality means to observe and question everything in the world and compare it with the lies you were given from childhood on; the lies of the media, the lies in education, in health, and the lies in politics.

If one implements just this step alone in dealing with the ongoing fiascos of the day, meaning the economy; the swine flu scares, so the drug companies can make millions on vaccines; asking the government for help instead of depending on oneself, the lies of the rebel rousers in the media industry, etc., etc., just this one step alone will protect you from all these things and you will walk with your head high in a new world created by yourself as I so enthusiastically promulgate in my book, The Road to Victory – Create Your Own New World.

But of course we are all so busy chasing after nothing that we don’t have time for our intellectual, emotional and spiritual evolvement.

Step 2 – Answering four questions to oneself:

a) Where did I come from?
b) What am I doing on this planet?
c) Where am I going?
d) What is the purpose of life?

If you simply ask these questions of yourself daily, say 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before going to bed, you will find that you’ll have contacted the puppeteer of the marionette show spoken of above, and thus you no longer need direction from others, from government, from media, from the majority of books, from cults, from so-called friends, etc. You have become your own owner. You have become totally dependent on yourself. Not independent, because you still need to exchange goods, services and pleasures with others. But nearly 100% per cent dependent on yourself. And thus free from the present “gloom and doom.”

Step 3 – Eliminating and/or unburdening oneself of conditioning, tradition, and the lies existing in both the conscious and subconscious minds:

This part is more difficult and only one person in every 500 would take it upon himself to follow through with this procedure. The other 499 are far too busy chasing the dollar or basking in the popularity of life’s false pride to be bothered with this step. They are in a rush to join the stampede to death. These are the ones who continue creating the gloom and doom. Then, with 85% per cent of the population creating the gloom and doom, it will come about as their creation.

This step will eliminate the conditioning we were born with and the inherited lies of the world. Observation of self is imperative; but who has time for this silly notion? Who exercises self-responsibility?

But, just in case you are the one in the 500, here are the suggestions for this step:

a. Acquire all the books of philosopher/writer/psychotherapist, Dr. Nathaniel Branden, and do all the sentence completion work in them. Later you will find yourself as a pure child minus all the grown-up lies. Now you are even more prepared for Steps 1 and 2 of the Square Deal.

b. Acquire the book, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, by Harry Browne. This man was a master. I loved him dearly. He ran for President in 1996 and in 2000, and I had the good fortune of meeting him and being photographed with him. This book is a must! It is doubtful that you can progress in peace and plenty in the present state of our country without the knowledge that this book conveys.

c. Acquire also, my book, The Road to Victory – Create Your Own New World. It naturally follows the Harry Browne book and will leave you speechless. Right now it is available only as a PDF copy. You can purchase it from my web site.

These books are all in harmony with my whole concept of personal freedom, which concurs with Harry Browne’s definition: “Freedom is the opportunity to act upon one’s morality.” Individual freedom and not societal freedom, is the only type of freedom. To train oneself in this way of living one has to become an individual; an individualist. And, again as Harry Browne said, “one who has had the courage to inspect his own mind to determine for himself the nature of life.”

It isn’t necessary for you to join groups whose collective purpose is to complain and oppose what’s going on. This is not to say that you can’t pick one or two concerns to help combat the stupidities of the world. But your time is best used for the benefit of the world, when you concentrate on yourself in order to spiritualize, educate and achieve the personal freedom accentuated here. If you do this, I promise you a great adventure on a path you didn’t know existed; The Path to Hidden Knowledge. When these suggestions are integrated with the further suggestions that follow, you will never again be intimidated by the present stupidities that are crippling 85% per cent of the population.

Step 4 – Discovering one’s purpose in life and aligning it with the purpose of life itself:

Just as the purpose of a clock is to tell time, so too there is an action that you perform well and have a passion for, that can be called your purpose in life. Just as a seed from a fruit has a command living in it that impels it to become a fruit tree, so too do you have a seed inside of you that will grow into some accomplishment which becomes your passion. You must discover it. Trying to discover it with your head and emotions full of contemporary lies, is a difficult thing indeed. But as you go through the other steps of un-conditioning yourself, your purpose will clearly emerge to your great fortune.

Once your purpose or passion has called you, the next action is to align it with the purpose of life itself. What is the purpose of life? Not your purpose but life’s purpose. This is question #d of the second step of the Square Deal. The answer to this question will come to you as you honestly engage in all the steps. And engaging means observing and thinking deeply about them.

Once you align your personal purpose with the purpose of life itself, in a rather short time you will BE, DO and HAVE ANYTHNG YOU DESIRE. In down to earth language this means that governments, economy, corruption, unemployment, foreclosures, etc., will have no deleterious effect upon you.

A Few More Practical Suggestions

So we have seen that the cause of the present doom and gloom in the US lies in human nature as it is now. It is created by the 85% percent of the population who have not improved themselves in this lifetime. In other words, those who have not taken responsibility for their own advancement. The progressive 15% percent, advance life forward and the 85% percent cannot keep up. They do not depend on themselves but instead seek and accept every handout and direction from the government. And the government loves dependents.

So, if we are to deal with the “gloom and doom” in such a way that it won’t bother our life, we must understand the weaknesses of human nature. When we understand them we begin to address our own human nature in order to take charge of and improve ourselves. The Square Deal is a spiritual blueprint that anyone can follow to achieve this.

While working with the Square Deal one can also implement the following suggestions. They can be used permanently or preferably in “bad” times such as in the present.

1. Take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night to work on the steps of the Square Deal.

2. Get a personal notebook and take it with you everywhere you go. In it, write down all the ideas that come to you having to do with the Square Deal.

3. If you work for someone or a company, continue doing a good job but begin thinking about becoming your own boss. Ask yourself what service you can provide for others. If this service happens to be your purpose in life, your problems are solved. Notice that the majority that complain about bad times are the ones that work for others. Remember that the secret of success is finding out what people want and need and helping them get it.

4. While you are working on your purpose in life and/or working for someone else, start some kind of part-time business of your own so you can have extra income and practice being totally dependent on yourself.

5. Pay off EVERYTHING YOU OWE; get yourself in a position where you don’t owe anything to anybody. This is called self-ownership.

6. Don’t use credit cards. Have one for an emergency and keep it active by purchasing something once a year. Use your bank debit card for purchases. No money in the bank, no purchase.

7. Save 10% per cent of all income without fail, until you have $10,000 in an account. This is called, “confidence money” or “independence money.” Then never, never touch it. Simply let it earn interest no matter how small it might be.

8. Never buy anything on time except a home. And if you buy a home make absolutely sure that you are capable of paying the mortgage.

9. Do not use your emotions to reason with. Use emotions as personal indicators as to the validity of personal decisions arrived at through your reasoning.

10. Do not go into agreement with people who say that times are bad and that you can’t get anywhere. These are lies. When someone says something negative to you, instantly reverse the statement in your mind. And if you have the courage, deny their negative statement audibly and with vehemence.

11. Drop out of, and/or stop supporting every individual, business activity, organization and social bric-a-brac that is not consistent with the purpose of life itself, and life’s laws of honesty, progress, health and prosperity.

12. Support all individuals, business activities, organizations and socials that are exempt of specious actions and motives, and are sincerely working toward benevolent progress within the purpose of life itself.

13. With the exception of Ron Paul, do not vote for Democrats nor Republicans. Vote for anyone in other parties; it doesn’t matter who. The reasoning behind this is that by acting so, you are breaking the old corruption chain in the two principle parties. The large corporations pay for the politicians in both parties to be elected, so the elected are not representing the citizens but the “money talking” policies of the powers that be. This will help to end the doom and gloom.

14. If you work 10 hours a day at your passion in life, you will never get tired. But if you work 6 hours a day for someone else and at something you don’t like, I’m sorry, but you’re a slave. You’ll feel exhausted most of the time.

To Conclude

Gil Magno
Gil Magno

In ending, never forget that self-ownership is one of the greatest achievements in life. You belong to yourself. You don’t belong to your husband or wife, family, parents, friends, Uncle Sam or anything. Therefore, it is imperative that you depend on no one; and that you do what must be done to ensure that you always have income enough to pay for your food and shelter. Never depend on handouts from the government, for when you do, you are empowering it to control you and every one else.

Only with this self-ownership will you have the courage to confront the parasites and the gloom and doom they create.

You are capable of knowing and doing anything that has ever been done by Man/Woman; if you want to. People who are still stuck in the old values will not approve of you; they will call you, “know it all.” They will call you “egocentric,” and they will say you have an “attitude.” These are the people that stand in the way of the New World. These are the people that create epidemics of fear and gloom and doom. They are very fond of telling you that you are a cold person with no feelings for your fellow man, and that you think you “know it all.” When one of these dandies tells me something as above, I respond with dead seriousness looking deeply into their eyes and say, “I don’t know it all, but almost everything.” They become totally disarmed.

Ask me about my creation: Course #5 – Self Transformation through Personal Magnetism, which is creating miracles.

by Gil Magno — June 14, 2009

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