Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

entrepeneurMany of us appreciate the idea of becoming a successful entrepreneur, but what are the traits that these people share that enable them to soar in their chosen business?

As our economy remains in turmoil, big changes are already underway in its fabric, and many of these changes will be permanent. What was once stable and reliable is no more, so now may be a good time to consider charting an exciting new course in your life.

Becoming wealthy and successful as an entrepreneur requires an integrated approach and a shift in mindset.

Here is a list of traits that successful entrepreneurs share:

  • Think big. They see the potential of their business and keep a laser-sighted focus on what exactly it is they want to achieve.
  • Highly motivated and action-oriented. They do not allow stagnation and strive for continuous personal growth.
  • Knowledge and solution-seeking – about all aspects of the business landscape they are in.
  • Planners – they are thorough and develop short, medium, and long-term plans. They set clear goals and have a game plan for how to achieve them. They have a plan for everything that might arise, surprises may still come along, but these can be minimized.
  • Risk-taking – carefully considered risks – not recklessness  – that they can reasonably absorb.
  • Adaptability – continuous change is part of the landscape, so a quick-thinking response to new variables as they arise is critical. They are on the lookout for opportunities and challenges, so they are ready to act when they appear.
  • Excellent time management skills – they have a zero-tolerance policy on procrastination and time-wasting activities.
  • Develop and maintain strong, positive working and family relationships – a positive, winning, mutually supportive attitude will pay big dividends.
  • Enthusiasm for what they do – that will be infectious to those around you.
  • Customer-focused – their customers are everything, so they do their best for them every single time.
  • Sacrifice – they understand and accept that many sacrifices are going to have to be made along the way.
  • Reputation – they always maintain an excellent public image, and stay true to their word. Credibility and a strong reputation are key competitive advantages.
  • Know Thyself – they find the business that suits their skill sets, personality and interests and are keenly aware of their own strengths and talents, and how to best put them to use. They know when to seek talent to enhance their business.

Switching gears into an entrepreneurial mode is much like training for a sport requiring extreme endurance. This will not happen overnight. Take a long-term view and realize that hard work, patience, planning, an indomitable spirit, and strong faith in and for what you have to offer will bring you to where you want to be. Obstacles will be par for the course, so seeing them as that, rather than roadblocks is key.

These are the traits that successful entrepreneurs have. Make them habits and you will be well on your way to achieving the success you envision.