Warning! Internet Dating Sites

image by Maxwell Jennings
image by Maxwell Jennings


Warning! Most if not all Internet dating sites use fraudulent tactics to get your money! Prosecutors at all levels of government need to know this information! It’s time to crush the con games/scams!

Free Membership

How many other people have experienced this? You sign up under the dating site’s free membership, but you either can’t read emails from other members or you can’t send emails, or maybe you’re not allowed to view their photos. Warning! It’s always something about the freebie membership that will make you want to pay to upgrade!


Soon after you’ve joined at the free level, you get maybe at least one view or one email a day from supposed real members. Even the we-match-you-on-compatibility website sends you matches they’ve supposedly picked for you, but the only way to respond or view your matches is to upgrade. This should be the big red warning flag!

Right before one of their communicate-for-free weekends comes up, they flood you with match-notices, but after their promotional weekend, the match-notices taper off and even stop. I’ve even caught this last implied singles site using false advertising.

The Let-Down

Here’s the clincher and the warning. After you upgrade your membership, if you send communications to anyone that sent you an email while you were a freebie-basic member, you might get one or two simple replies back, but that will be it, and even then the communication stops right there or soon after.

There are real members at these places. The chore and the challenge is to determine which is which.


My guess is that most internet dating services pad their real membership roster with made-up memberships. They use some of these fake members as teasers to get people to join. This is where the fraud is — in contriving memberships to use as lures to get people to pay to join up. To compound the fraud, most places try to trap you into a recurring membership where your credit card is charged once a month, and you may not even realize that until the charges show up. Read the fine print! Warning! You are being suckered and separated from your money and it’s almost impossible to prove it! It’s pretty much easy money for these singles sites.

As it happened to me, if you let your paid membership default back to their freebie-basic membership, expect to see your in-box increase one a day at least, because now that you’re not a paying member, all the hot people want to know you! It’s almost all con artistry on the part of the founders/CEOs to push the right buttons to make you cough up money. So again, warning!

Boycott Dishonest Businesses

So, what can we do about this problem of dishonest businesses cheating us out of our hard-earned money? For one, we can stop using their services and put the dishonest ones out of business.

Honest business people can create real and valuable businesses, intent on bringing true value to those people that want it. We need to hold business to accountability, fairness, and honesty, else feel the collective boycott! With enough pressure from us all, we can weed out the con artists and dishonest businesses. All it takes is to notice the dishonest patterns that businesses use and then call them on it or stop putting money into their businesses.

Internet dating sites are just a small example and a tiny speck on the gigantic iceberg of dishonest businesses.

Our Demands

Here are our list of demands to all businesses:

Keep it 100% honest.

Keep it 100% green (clean environment) always.

Find ways to support sustainability by producing things that last instead of breaking down so easily, requiring us to buy more.

Find ways to reduce prices so that everyone can enjoy what you have to offer.

Learn to adapt and to not expect governments (our tax dollars) to bail you out. Either adapt or go extinct!

written by Maxwell Jennings