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Be Your Own Mechanic

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How can you work on your brain and win back abilities, win new functionality, and even increase your intelligence? By being your own brain mechanic. You at least have the basic tools already — the most important being your mind. This mini-course is designed to at least help you get started in those winning directions and will help you acquire new abilities, skills and tools.

So pull your mind into the garage, get it on the proverbial lift, and get ready to delve under the hood. Brain Mechanics 101 (won oh one) is about to begin!

Win Back Your Life

It is time to evaluate your life and to win in the areas that are important to you and to win back in the areas you’ve lost or have diminishing abilities. Are you where you want to be in all areas, such as love, family, financial, work, education, or your chosen sport? You may be proficient at what you do in select areas of your life, but what about the other areas where you want to be proficient and truly win? Are you winning in every area that is important to you? Regardless of all the media hype and what your family and friends tell you, only your judgment of yourself and where you are at is important here. You win already by simply wanting a winning mind and brain!

The first step at winning back your life is to know what your current reality is right now. We suggest that you create a written list of the most important areas in your life and rate them on a simple 0-to-10+ scale – where 10 is optimum-winner based on your own judgment of yourself and the plus (+) means you’ve exceeded your win-expectations.

Zero to Ten-plus Rating Guide

0 = nonexistent, extremely lacking, not winning, I want major help in this area.
5 = I’m average in this area but I know I can be better and I want to be a total winner.
10 = Winner! I have met my expectations of myself in this area.
10+ = I have exceeded my expectations of myself! The winning keeps getting better!

Test Topics to Win

As a guide, test yourself on these topics:

Love — 0 (= nonexistent, I need major help in the area of love) to 5 (= I’m okay with love but could be better about it) to 10 (= Winner! I’m in love, I feel really good about all my relationships). For those of you who think you’ve exceeded your win-expectations on love, tack on a plus sign to that 10, 10+ = far exceeded what I think it takes to win in the area of love.

Rate these areas as well:

Living my Passion
Life Experiences
(add your choices to this list)

Prioritizing Your List

What do you want to focus on first? Write out your list in order of importance to you.

Prioritizing with a written list gives your brain the task of prioritizing internally. Your list will become a part of your psyche and this will help you in creating an activity schedule to which you will be more likely to follow and with which to win.

Again, your goal should be to become a winner in your chosen areas, not just one area.

The Concept of Brain Mechanics

Whatever you put into your mind, your mind will try to reconstruct that desire at least in your mind. Focus on your desire enough and your mind will actually rewire your brain to accommodate for the desire. Focus enough and your mind will guide your choices to match the end-result of your goal. Much of this guiding is subconscious but don’t leave that part to chance. Use your conscious mind to guide you too.

The Adapting Brain

Although the old adage of too much of anything is not good is subjective in that people differ in how they adapt to situations, as humans, too much of anything for anyone can cause big changes in the mind/body systems. Whether it is a winning situation for you is up to you to determine.

The mind/brain will try to adapt to the stimulus at hand, and if that stimulus is particular and repeated often and for extended periods, then the mind/brain will dedicate itself to performing that particular task. The brain will actually rewire itself. Brain cells will grow in the required areas but the brain will also allow brain cells to not be replaced in unused areas, effectively killing off abilities.

Hone Your Skills

Being super focused is great for training in sports and academics. It is also very good to keep your other skills honed as well, at least skills you want to keep. Sometimes it’s okay to let yourself lapse in areas that you probably won’t use again.

However, the only way to keep up your abilities with skills you’ve acquired and want to keep is to refresh your mind and body in those areas often by actually doing those activities. Get out the sports equipment or whatever it takes to keep in practice, and do it!

Include as many of your goal areas in your regime and train the mind in as many different things for which you have the time. Balance out physical skills with mental skills and mix it up.

cycling motivation

Multiple Stimulation

Make sure you’re stimulating your body with movement and coordination, such as sports, riding a bike, or even simply running and walking. Gravity and inertia are good ways of letting your mind-brain system know that action doesn’t just mean sitting and watching action movies or playing computer games. Teach your brain that the norm is never the norm and it will wire itself to adapt quickly to an ever changing sequence of activities.

Continued at Brain Mechanics Two-4-Too…

Written by Maxwell Jennings