New Life Power Resolutions

Happy New Year!

As usual, we’re only making recommendations. You choose what is best for you in your life.

Why not make New Life resolutions rather than a little-planned or impromptu New Year’s resolution that will probably be forgotten within weeks or months? If you have been putting off making a change in your life, then why not start now? Once you start something, it’s usually easy to keep the momentum going. Consider interruptions to your choice for a new life as just temporary pauses. Get back on track as soon as possible. Point your tracks to health, wealth and happiness! Point your main track to your New Life Power Resolutions:

Paying It Forward

Be generous, kind, and helpful, even if none of these things have ever happened to you! By paying it forward — which typically means doing something good after good has happened to you — you will become a person that is respected and people in turn will be more apt to do good for you out of mutual respect. Can you give unconditionally? Can you give or do good without expecting anything in return? Assume there are no such things as karma or heavenly benefits for being good and simply be good because you choose to be good.


Be in control of your own life without controlling other people. There’s a difference between having workers under you and being a control-freak with other people. The more you want to control things that you cannot, the more frustrated you will be. Relax and let go of your tendencies to control things. You can reduce much stress in your life if you realize that there are things that you cannot control. Let other people control their own lives. It’s none of your business how other people act or live their lives. Vote for equality and support the rights of other people 100%, regardless of what religious leaders tell you. Be your own authority!


What good is drama unless you are a paid actor? Strive to remove all the excess drama from your life, which may include bypassing people who are into drama. If you get excessively emotional, huff and puff about your plight, or you talk continually about trivial stuff just to talk, then you are probably a drama queen. Don’t exaggerate. Keep perspective without adding in your feelings about everything. Many people hate drama queens, so it is in your best interest and benefit to drop your dramatic tendencies.


You may have been raised to be a bigot and not even realize it. Too many organized religions teach bigotry in the guise of dictated and restrictive morals. You may never discard your bigotry, and you are free to be a bigot in your own mind, but restricting other people because of their beliefs, skin tone, sexual preferences, or anything that might go against your chosen beliefs really is bigotry. Be happy and content in your beliefs and let other people live their own lives (see Control above). Choose to be fair to and to feel equal to all other people. We’re all humans and everyone deserves the same rights as you.


Strive to be honest in every aspect of your life. Most importantly, be honest with yourself about everything. Being honest with other people is much more rewarding than being dishonest. Even if you lie a little, commit to being honest and practice that New Life resolution every day.


If you treat people with respect, there’s a bigger chance that you will be treated the same way in return. You can open up opportunities and other unexpected benefits by being truly nice. If you fake it, you’ll be found out eventually. Now is the time to evolve into a respectful person.

Finding Your Passion

Make a point this new year to truly find and live your passion(s)! If you hate your job or your situation, then it’s up to you to find something better. Your life is your responsibility, so make a point to be fully into your life and to make the changes necessary to bring you happiness. One way to do that is to find your passions and do them on a regular basis.

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