Dictators, Con-Artists, Usurpers – oh my!

12 Visions Party

Dear Friends,

I understand your concerns and you are correct. Dictators and psychotics have used the guise of goodwill and a good sounding platform to lure people into a false sense of trust too many times. I’ve read Mark Hamilton’s writings since the end of 2001 via Neo-Tech Publishing, and I can assure you that their Prime Law stated at that political party website is the basis for everything they do. Granted, con-artists can infiltrate any good organization, but a con-artist cannot survive for long in a system based on honesty and which values the life and the rights of the individual. Securing the rights and freedoms of the individual leaves no need to protect groups, since that is how the current authorities pit us against each other, by separating us into groups. This is done and has been done for thousands of years via organized corporate religions and by corrupted rulers that desire to usurp the values we create. Power Essence, Neo-Tech and the 12 Visions political party are about removing the con artists from positions of power, neutralizing mysticism and its dangerous affects, and in empowering and encouraging every individual to live a life of honesty, purpose, and passion if they so choose. We are about removing the control of government over us and making government employees of the citizens and custodians of our rights and safety. Based on their Prime Law, honest members of the party would do every thing possible to remove con-artists, usurpers, and dictator-wanna-bes from their ranks.

I met my Power Essence business partner at the Neo-Tech forums back in early 2002 after reading their writings. I pitched an idea there and we used that experience to create Power Essence.

I’m an independent, and I usually vote Libertarian since they have many similarities but the 12 Visions Party is the only political party I would now fully endorse here in the USA.


To all dictators, con-artists, and usurpers of the world — you will be exposed and your methods will be neutralized by wide-scope honesty.

Maxwell Jennings

**The ideas and suggestions of Power Essence writers are not necessarily the ideas and suggestions of the Twelve Visions Party and its affiliates. Power Essence is in no way affiliated with or associated to the Twelve Visions Party. We just know a good thing when we see it!