Drama Queens and Control Freaks


I respect your right to choose for yourself, but I do not have to respect you or what you choose. Conversely, you do not have to respect me or what I choose for myself.

Receipt of this notice does not necessarily mean I think you are a drama queen or control freak, but several recipients definitely qualify as both in my opinion and some people qualify as one or the other or both to varying degrees. For most of you, this is just an FYI (for your information) and for entertainment purposes. Please refrain from jumping to conclusions.

I don't have time for your sulking!

Critical Tolerance

If you are a drama queen and/or a control freak and I still communicate and interact with you, then the value you add to my life far exceeds the critical tolerance level I have for drama queens and control freaks. I am not obligated to interact or communicate with you or anyone. You are not obligated to me whatsoever.

If I ever hang up on you while talking on the telephone or I walk away from you in the middle of an argument, it is probably because you are exhibiting too much drama and/or you are in control-freak mode and any logical discourse from you has been replaced with unrealistic demands and/or excessive emotional drama.

If you can argue logically and make reasonably accurate statements about your concerns, plus you let me present my argument logically and address my concerns without interrupting, then fine. I am all for that type of debating. Anything other than that is a waste of my time and I will cut you short. Feel free to continue babbling as I walk away or hang up. Any physical encroachment upon my personal space due to your escalated drama will be considered assault and I will use defensive physical force and the law to protect myself and others. So, expect a rude awakening if you attempt anything so stupid.

If I send you a written note about any particular issue instead of talking to you on the telephone or conversing face to face with you, it is because I am being smart. This is my way to bypass annoying interruptions! Arguing with a drama queen and/or control freak is a waste of time since it is usually impossible for a drama queen and/or control freak to argue rationally. Besides controlling an argument, a control freak wants to be seen as right and winning, regardless if they are right or not. Besides an award for best dramatic actor, a drama queen wants people to know how violated and emotional they feel, regardless if the infraction they claim is real or not.

Rules of Engagement

I am not obligated to let you deal with me only on your terms. If your terms reasonably match my terms of rules of engagement, then we have a conversation. I am more than happy to deal with people who are rational, honest, safe, and at least considerate in the arena of debating. Disrespect toward me will be returned in kind to you and the conversation will probably be ended by me.

If you think I am harsh and too abrupt, then I highly recommend that you bypass me completely. I seriously do not care what you think of me and how I behave. I am typically up-front, honest, and opinionated which some people take as being harsh, but that is your interpretation and you are free to interpret any way you want. Jump to conclusions and blow things out of proportion and you will probably wind up on my pending bypass list. Continue your antics and I will probably move you to the final bypass list without notice or warning.

Control Freaks

I no longer tolerate excessive control freaks.

If you insist on always telling people how to live their lives, or how to behave, or you have set requirements for other people and you try to force your requirements, then you are a control freak. If you are offended and rant and rave when someone does not take your suggestions, then you are probably a control freak and a drama queen.

You are wasting your time trying to make me think your way, or trying to make me behave how you want me to behave, or to have me say and/or not say certain words. I live my life my own way. If you do not like the way I live my life and how I interact with you or other people, then I suggest you bypass me completely.

My life and how I live my life is none of your business. I am confident and secure with myself completely, so any attempts by you to make me change as you see fit will be met with a quick salute of my middle finger and a resounding “FUCK OFF!”

You have enough of your own issues, so go control-freak your own life. If you continue to force your control-freakiness on me, I will bypass you completely. I am not obligated to you in any way.

I will no longer tolerate control freaks and I will let you know verbally or via other means abruptly, harshly and maybe even leave you with a few choice cuss words. If you think I am not being politically correct, you would be correct! Political correctness is a control-freak way of restricting freedoms and I consider it a load of crap. This is how I roll, dawgs!

Drama Queens

I will no longer tolerate excessive drama queens.

If you take an offensive position and come at me or anyone with juvenile name-calling and ranting about how offended you are by our actions or words, then you are a drama queen. Whaaa, whaaa whaaa, poor you! I probably will not have any sympathy for you. Get a grip and get a life, or not — it’s your choice! If you let your emotions get the better of you, and all you can think to do is try to belittle someone or attempt to mentally abuse someone with your mindless banter and name-calling, then you are a drama queen. Defensive payback is a bitch, so you are forewarned.

If you want to communicate and interact with me, then try it without your impulse to control me or to add excessive drama. I seriously lose respect for people who are control freaks and drama queens. If I avoid and ignore you and drop all communications with you, then you more than likely excessively overextended your neurotic behavior in my direction. I have absolutely no problems with removing myself completely from your sphere of influence and I will bypass you completely.


We can choose our friends but we cannot choose the family into which we are thrust. I am not obligated to anyone regardless of the association between us. If that irks you, then that is your problem.

I will not lose sleep over any of this and I never have. Drama queens lose sleep because their psychology is to replay issues over and over in their minds. Control freaks lose sleep over things that they want to control but cannot control.

What you think of me is none of my business and conversely, what I think of you is none of your business. The only thing that will influence what I think of you, good or bad, is how you handle yourself with me and other people and whether or not you ever change.

Written by Maxwell Jennings


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