F-bomb This

F-bomb Censorship

Personal Evolution really should encompass being confident of course, but also being not adversely affected by profanity and artful displays of nudity. Censorship is a control-freak way to push morals upon other people. So what if someone uses a cuss word or derogatory statement around you or at you. Big deal. Let it metaphorically roll off your back. Let’s diffuse the F-bomb and other words and simply not give a crap about words with too many varying subjective definitions.

So what if a movie contains nudity or television broadcasts show the exposed human body in advertisements or in the news. Learn to simply flip the channel or block stations that allow unrestricted use of profanity or nudity. Or better yet, learn to see nudity as not a big deal. If you see something as bad, that does not mean everyone else outside of your belief system will see it as bad or immoral. Don’t do it if you find something bad, but don’t require other people to live up to your beliefs!

Censorship is all about shaming, creating guilt and setting a neurotic mental foundation for children and even adults. If you hide, deny or create myths about what words mean or things about the human body, those subjective descriptions create the potential for more psychological problems while education and exposure leads to logical and healthy dealings with those situations and issues.

Censorship gives authorities another way to control us and that should never be allowed. Here is a wonderful quote by Robert Ingersoll regarding controlling belief systems:

“I will not attack your doctrines nor your creeds if they accord liberty to me. If they hold thought to be dangerous – if they aver that doubt is a crime, then I attack them one and all, because they enslave the minds of men.” — Robert G. Ingersoll

Power Essence will not attack your doctrines nor your creeds and laws if they ensure liberty and freedoms for all. If they claim that independent thinking and the use of certain words or views of the human body to be crimes, then Power Essence attacks them one and all, because such control stifles and enslaves the minds of all people.

F-bomb The Victorian Era

Seriously, the Victorian Era ended over a hundred years ago and America is one of the last fortifications of Victorian prudish morals. Some people think it was the Puritans based on the name, but it was really the Victorians that went to the extreme. I find it amazing how control-freakingly prudish American authority is about nudity and profanity, while many other countries have no hang-ups about it much at all. Certainly Muslim countries are the worst when it comes to censorship and pushing excessive morals, yet some European countries are allowing Sharia Laws to change formerly free social policies, in a sense, stepping backward personal evolution-wise for all those involved.

Once you claim that something is perverse and/or evil, you intrigue youngsters to want to know what it’s all about. Censorship breeds groups battling groups and sets up false standards based on outdated requirements for society, typically founded and enforced by corporate religions. Removing censorship and educating the masses desensitizes and even neutralizes the potential sickness that can occur with making anything taboo.

F-bomb Religious Leaders

Many of the influential popes and so-called prophets that dictated what I consider to be the sickness surrounding sex have been dead for hundreds and even thousands of years, so why would an evolving society hold onto those perverse morals? I’m guessing that it’s because corporate religious structures hate the concept of evolving, even if it means the transition is better for everyone. People evolving their minds really is a threat to organized religions because the personal evolutionary trend is to drop external authority and ridiculous policies. Pleasure and sex truly are good things and any sexual act between consenting people is their business and not up to the whims of neurotic religious leaders.

It really is time to evolve away from prudish and nonsensical controls over people and one way to do that is to stop giving your hard earned money to churches/religious systems that are all about removing personal freedoms, stopping personal evolution, and sucking up your money and other donations.

e-F’n Bombs Away!

Freedom of speech means that people are free to say whatever they want to say, regardless of the meaning or intent.

Now is the time to change our social outlook on censorship and how it degrades society by creating unrealistic mystical thinking. There are no problems with words and meanings. Only humans create neurotic emotional reactions to words. It is healthier to have things out in the open and to not take the meaning of words as personal affronts. They are just words.

The human body is just that, a biological fact of nature. Only humans can create restrictions and perversions about the human body. Now is the time remove the stigma about the human body. Artful and respectful displays of nudity will help neutralize the concepts of perversions and allow a healthy view of the human body.

We should never allow governments or self-appointed watchdogs of society dictate what is shown or what is said. Political Correctness should only be a guideline and never a requirement. Belief-based laws should never apply to anyone outside of the belief system.