Book Burnings and Bigotry Are Alive and Well

September 11, 2010

Here it is, the early part of the 21st century and bigotry is still alive and well all over planet Earth. You would think that people would wake up to the fact that religious leaders promote bigotry toward other religious groups, and that it’s the religious leaders that are the driving force promoting prejudice, death, destruction, and subjugation of anyone not of their particular faith; all in all it’s really stupid, juvenile stuff.

On the 9/11 anniversary of the extremist’s attack on the United States, people such as the bigot pastor Terry Jones in Florida still promote hate toward all Muslims by planning a Quran book burning to protest the proposed mosque near ground-zero, to mark the anniversary of 9/11 and to display the personal disdain he has for the religion of Islam and his disrespect for Muslims in general. We here at Power Essence are all for freedom of expression as long as you are not infringing on the rights of others, and unless this idiot pastor is ripping Qurans out of the hands of Muslims and throwing the stolen property onto the bonfire for his bully book burning, then he really is within his rights to non-fraudulently burn anything he owns, including donated books.

Besides the toxic pollution he’ll add to the environment, and his obvious attempt at antagonizing Muslims by being a self-proclaimed-by-default thug for Christianity, this dumbass will fuel the fires of hate toward not only Muslims, but also toward other religions, atheists, and even other Christians not aligned with his brand of Christianity. And tit-for-tat, some Muslims will use the event to further their stupid religious agenda of pay-back-is-a-bitch-you-evil-infidels and attack non Muslims. This type of petty barbaric bickering is very non-evolved and very much a bronze-age mentality of tribal warfare.

Mulahs, Imans, Clerics, Pastors, Priests and Popes

Some Muslims and a few Christians are not above dealing death and destruction, or at least many praise or hope that “enemies of God/Allah” will be vanquished and/or destroyed in any manner so deemed by their creator, when in fact, anything spouted by a religious leader is coming from their own neurotic frame of mind, and more than likely not from any egotistical, praise-mongering supreme being.

This Glenn-Beck-Bill-Orielly-drama-queen-control-freak mentality is killing innocent people, destroying society and stripping away our freedoms. Muslims really need to not be offended by non Muslims burning Qurans, regardless of how holy they believe their book to be. It’s just print on paper. Christians really need to stop judging all Muslims by a few psychotic extremists. You might want to convert each other, but surely you can do that peacefully without listening to the insane rants of your religious leaders.

Certainly, a minority few Muslims are in other countries such as the USA with the full intent on causing destruction, but a huge majority of Muslims have fled their oppressive countries of origin to start lives in freedom-based countries, and they want to be seen as equals and treated as productive fellow and sister citizens.

It really is time to Coexist!


You’re free to be a bigot if you want. You should also be free to spout off and preach your ideology to the world as long as you are not infringing on the personal property and rights of anyone else.

I’m looking forward to a future where religiously based bigotry and violence are but tragic footnotes to the history of this blood drenched planet. We can start by stopping support of religious leaders who lie and promote violence and bigotry. A few bigots in our midst does not represent the entire population and many of us are willing to coexist. Are you?

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