How Governments Fail Us

Irresponsible Action

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” — George Washington

Sorry to say but the verdict is in and almost all governments are failing us miserably through irresponsible action, blatant stupidity, and all out greed. What little adequate good they do is overshadowed by their incompetence, their continual disregard for citizens, and disrespect for every individual’s rights.

In our opinion, governments should be custodial ONLY, providing protection for our freedoms, our lives, and the valuable infrastructure that makes us an evolving modern society. Instead, they seek to control progress, control us completely and to force us into harm’s way through wars and archaic-bigoted laws that do serious damage to everything they invoke and everyone they try to control. It’s time to stop this raping, pillaging, and dumbing-down of everyone by the rich elite, political elite, and religious elite. Their current treading is dragging us toward epic global failure.

Governments should be employees of the citizens and their respective countries. We are not their expendable pawns, fighting their stupid wars while slaving our lives away supporting their unproductive lifestyles. We are not their medical guinea pigs or possessions. Enough is way more than enough and it needs to stop NOW! We need to remove these irresponsible idiots NOW!

Opulent and Unearned Wealth

The easiest way to spot con-artists in positions of power is to look at how the leaders live compared to the citizens. In almost all poor countries and even rich countries, the leaders live in opulent wealth or at least very well while a large portion of the citizens live in poverty. When catastrophe happens, it’s always the political and rich elite in a country that have the best food and care while the citizens die by the thousands. Why can’t everyone be rich, healthy, productive, and protected? Is all that even possible? Read on to find out.

Irresponsible and con-artist-run governments always suck up the best of the aid, while barely anything trickles down to the people that really need it.

Any poverty at all indicates an inadequate or broken system and this equates to epic failure by the governments due to the irresponsible structures in play and put there by epic-fail administrations. Governments are broken and they need to be completely overhauled and renovated.

We need epic-win governments that can inspire citizens to live to their full potential. We need winning structures in place that inspire and easily allow prosperity for those that want it.

Dump the 2-party Monopoly

As per track records and the continual lying, it’s safe to assume that any politician that is in or has ever been a member of either the Democratic party or the Republican political party in the USA, and the various other dominant political parties of other countries is a career politician who is only in it for themselves and/or in it for the people behind the scenes that pull the strings. All these types of politicians know is how to be a politician and not much else of real value. They spew a lot of irresponsible rhetoric that sounds good, but they rarely if ever deliver. Irresponsibility at the political level is a danger to society. The two-party monopoly has done severe damage and they continue to cause severe damage. It’s time to completely dump the 2-party dominance and control over too much power.

Watch a career politician’s actions and you’ll see them favor the rich elite at the expense of everyone else.

We here at Power Essence recommend that we send a clear message by the simple action of completely voting out career politicians and voting in representatives that value freedom and the most valuable factor of all – a country’s citizens. We have the power to vote out the con-gamers by voting in true custodians and now is the time in history to make that societal evolutionary leap!

It’s time to see through the charismatic attraction of politicians and their smooth talk, and to hold them responsible for their claims and political promises.

Listen to what career politicians say and you’ll find that they repeat themselves over and over and they continually produce very little or nothing of value for society over and over again. It’s over. Dump the two-party con-artist system and elect people that will be wholly responsible while being 100% honest. Do you think that it’s possible to have that type of custodian in all branches and levels of government? Yes, finally we can have that type of government here in the United States, and by following suit in all countries, the con-artists in positions of power will be removed and made to answer for their crimes and stupidity. Read on to find out how!

Don’t Dump Religion into Government

Religion in government equals epic failure for everyone.

Have your religion if you so choose but in all fairness to everyone, keep religion out of your governmental decisions, policies, laws, and votes. Governments should remain neutral and never show discrimination toward or preference for any particular religious belief or group.

Any politician that claims, “God told me to do it” or they use a religious belief to justify using initiatory force on the citizens or other countries, should be removed from office completely and permanently, and examined for dangerous psychotic behavior.

We would be better off with non-mystical, non-dogmatic atheists in political office because only honest atheists can truly operate without religiously based biases and bigotry. A neutral government benefits everyone, while a religiously biased government is dangerous to everyone.

Religion-free governments are epic winners and we all benefit!


Government should be a great model for its citizens and even a model for developing countries. We need to fill every level and every position with anyone other than from the monopolies. It’s time to educate ourselves before the hidden con-artists succeed in taking away our abilities to fight for and secure our freedoms and lives. Put an end to career politicians! We are way past due for epic-win, responsible governments!