Vote YES on Prop 19

It’s Time to Evolve and Vote YES

It’s time to register to vote (by OCT 18!) and actually vote this time, people! Let’s make this one count for the history books. YES ON PROP 19!

You’ve heard us state it before — how governments fail us in too many ways. Aside from dropping support of the two-party monopoly (Democrats and Republicans) in the US, it’s also time to drop ridiculous laws by voting in supportive laws and leaders. As a society here in the USA and as a global society it is in everyone’s best interest to legalize drugs such as marijuana. It is an evolutionary step forward. We need to treat drugs as social, safety and health-related issues, not as criminal issues. Vote YES on Proposition 19 is one step toward that — responsible freedom.

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Just Say NO to Organized Crime

The war on drugs is a dictatorship-like method for dealing with a part of society that can never be won as a battle. It didn’t work for alcohol prohibition and will never work for anything else including drugs. The war on drugs wastes our resources and tax dollars, it unnecessarily destroys lives, and it actually supports crime.

Anyone that supports criminalization and the war on drugs, by default supports the criminal element of society by creating the state for black markets to exist where organized crime flourishes. This is epic-fail administrative policy to try to control a fact of society that cannot be controlled. This is really a no-brainer, people. If you legalize drugs, you take away that money-making factor from gangs, the mafia, and corrupt politicians.

Let’s out-vote the criminals and control freaks who wish for drugs to remain illegal and for their lively hoods to remain operational. Voting YES on 19 is just one step to neutralizing the dictator and criminal elements while keeping productive and good people out of prison.

Instead of the Criminal World Order or one particular group’s world order, let’s create a better world order that supports and benefits everyone. We need a world society that allows everyone the freedom to express themselves any way they want to under a logical prime law.

Don’t just blatantly legalize drugs without providing quality rehabilitation and superb education. Quality rehabilitation is the perfect opt-out for addicts. Superb education is the key to eliminate mixed messages and addictions from the very start.


Proper education yields better results than manipulation. This would also minimize or eliminate mixed messages and reduce the number of first time experimenters.

Good education is the best way to inspire people out of destructive life styles. If you provide the education and means for people to shift out of non-supportive habits by teaching them to find their passions and truly live those passions, then you’ve pretty much reduced the possibility that children will experiment with or become addicted to drugs and you increase the possibility that adults will drop addictions. People, including children will try drugs no matter if they are legal or illegal and you’ll never be able to stop that. It’s up to you parents and teachers to use supportive methods of education instead of scare-tactics or outright manipulation.