What WikiLeaks Has Shown Us

How Governments Fail Us Rant

We haven’t been keeping up on every iota of this whole diplomatic-cable compromise and the dissemination of data by WikiLeaks and the various media, but what we’ve seen indicates that governments still fail us and they will resort to or at least threaten ridiculous strong-arm tactics to save face and to force control over people and businesses outside their legal realm of influence.

The US Federal Government’s ego is bruised over some of the most trivially embarrassing information to ever be exposed, even though it’s really their fault that it leaked in the first place. The deed is done so get over it already. What a bunch of drama queens and control freaks! We’re embarrassed that you represent us.

So What?

So what if some of your diplomats and upper echelon are condescending, back-stabbing, petty pricks and cunts? Many of us already kind of figured that out due to the current state of the world.

So what if it proves that you cover up facts of your misdeeds and twist information to fit your ego-maniacal agendas? History already proves that you are dangerously irresponsible and deceptive.

Do you seriously think that you’re the only ones that have ever made up a list of critical locations and that the real terrorists or psychotic leaders are incapable of coming up with similar lists? If you think this then you are pretty damn stupid.

This isn’t mostly about the information, is it really? It’s more about you being exposed as bumbling goofs. Even if your best-laid plans and military maneuvers are leaked, stop your bitching, plug the security hole, and CHANGE THE DAMN PLANS!


Do we think that you government officials will change now that the whole world knows you are deceivers and that you really should evolve your behaviors, processes, and attitudes? We don’t think you’ll change much for the better, if at all. You’re too caught up in power-control struggles with heads of state in the same dysfunctional frames of mind.

Scare Tactics Equals Bully Tactics

We think it’s a pathetic show of force that you threaten the messengers Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in all this hoopla because as with typical bully tactics, you won’t confess to your own stupidity and inept actions that brought you to this place of exposure of your crappy behaviors. You government thugs, hackers and value-destroying businesses that deny services because of this, you always strike out against or cry about the easy scapegoat when you really should be blaming yourselves and each other for the precarious state of the planet.

You’re not about wide-scope honesty and doing what is right in the world. You’re about benefiting yourselves — the dishonest rich and the political elite — at the expense and safety of the rest of us. Change your terrorizing, fucked-up behavior before you do worse damage or annihilate the world. It will probably take the honest rich and politically responsible people to turn humanity away from a path to destruction and toward a mutually beneficial direction for everyone. It’s going to take removing you con-artists from positions of power and removing your appointed goons from critical diplomatic and political positions. You still have time to change, else it’s time to vote in true custodians of our freedoms, rights, and safety.

The Best Possible Option

What we really need is >> the end of external authority. <<

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