The Ridiculousness of Prejudice

Prejudice Against You

If you’ve ever experienced prejudice against you, you know how absurd and even ridiculous it is for people to prejudge or think less of you based on how you look, your age, your gender, your ancestry, or your religious/non-religious beliefs. After all, wouldn’t it be best if everyone treated you fairly without regard to superficial things that might make you different? So what if you are different than other people? So what if other people are different from you? This is the human race and not a collection of separate races. People that insist on separating other people into groups are typically bigots. They think that their group is better and should receive preferential treatment for everything. Every individual deserves to be treated equally. The ridiculousness of prejudice is apparent to you when it’s directed at you, so why not afford all people the same respect as human beings of the human race.

You are absolutely free to be a bigot if you choose, but can you live amongst and work with people with whom you hate and keep your hateful ideas and opinions to yourself? Can you see the ridiculousness of being outwardly prejudice against another human being? It truly is a waste of time and does nothing to celebrate life in all of its diversities. Leave the hate and the stress behind and coexist!

Guess what? What people think of you is none of your business and what you think of me is none of my business. Click here to read this Power Essence article on this very topic What you Think of Me.

It’s always better and a benefit to you if you learn to Help Others. Everyone benefits in a pay-it-forward world.

The Prime Law

The rights of the individual are rights and should never be decided upon or voted on and always honorably protected for EVERYONE! Only con-artists, criminals, control freaks, and psychopaths restrict or strip away freedoms and rights with illegal laws and force.

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Here is the only political party based on The Prime Law — The Twelve Visions Party.

Human Innovation

You never know from whom might come the next great innovation and invention. Everyone has the potential of adding incredible value to the world. If you restrict individuals for any reason, you block potential talent from being experienced and shared. That person you normally would hate might save your life someday either directly or through some device or procedure or medical innovation. Can you see the ridiculousness in holding prejudice against someone and to limit any human being from fully experiencing their life? Someone who has found their passion and added wonderful value to your life is a good person, regardless of your personal opinions of that person’s differences. Everyone deserves and has the RIGHT to live their life freely in the way that they choose to live. It’s important to provide nurturing environments to everyone. A supportive environment provides the conditions where a human being can truly flourish and add value and innovation to the world. Inspire and encourage everyone to find their passions and to LIVE those passions!

Changing Yourself

Habits are hard to break yet they can be fully replaced with good habits. If you are prejudicial against other people and you want to change that, then read this Power Essence article on Behavior Conditioning. Changing yourself is easier than you might expect!

Self Confidence

Sometimes bigotry comes from low self-esteem. When people feel inferior to other people or they envy the good fortune or talents of other people, the tendency is to find a fault in those people, such as superficial differences. Here is another great Power Essence article on Self Confidence.

Respect My Authoritiiii!

Sometimes authority advocates prejudice. There are cases where military officials have taken action against groups of people within their own ranks. If an authority over you instructs you to violate the inalienable rights of any other human being, that person of authority should be removed from that position of power and arrested/charged with the crime. Blindly following orders is no defense. Commit the violation and you’re a culprit too, regardless of how far up the command chain the order originated.

Good government is welcome and necessary in some respects. Government should be protection only and never prejudicial. We advocate that you become your own authority and Free Your Mind!