The 2012 Enigma

The Unknowable Enigma

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How is your year 2012 going so far? Have you noticed any big social changes happening or have you noticed your vibrational rate increasing? Social changes have happened throughout history, so what’s so different about 2012? As far as mind-ascending vibrational rates go, that still has yet to be proven to be real.

The 2012 enigma is being portrayed by some as an esoteric evolution of consciousness only available to those whom are aware or awakened or enlightened or illuminated. Some people even claim that everything or at least all of humanity will ascend to a higher state of being. Are the Mayan prophesies claiming an apocalypse, a wonderful change, or simply an end to an elaborate calendar? We’re guessing it’s just an elaborate Mayan calendar but we’re open to reality.

Whatever happens, are you ready for the ride of your life? What if nothing significant happens on a cosmic or even global level vibrationally? What if there is still a way to create an incredibly beneficial year for yourself anyway? Would you take actions to achieve that? Make 2012 your best year to date, with a lasting explosion of creativity and prosperity for the rest of your life! Embody the Mayan idea of the end of your old life and beginning of your new life. Give birth to the new you and create the ultimate ride of your life!

Know this: Some things are unknowable to us currently. That’s what an enigma is. The unknown is mysterious and unexplainable. With acquired knowledge, we do indeed know more and with our desire to grow that knowledge base we uncover incredible facts. However, there will probably always be things we can’t know due to our current limitations, both biological and technological, and maybe even spiritual limitations if that aspect exists. Who knows, maybe it is possible to eventually know everything. Don’t stop trying just because someone else says it’s impossible. It’s human nature to ask questions and to explore the unknown.

Fear of the Unknown

Once you change your fear of the unknown to being simply inquisitive of the unknown or even excited about the unknown, you change a hugely influential part of your mind to accept the unknown. That in of itself is a significant change in your life. Fear is resistance to the possibilities and to change. Fear causes dis-ease. Acceptance of the unknown can neutralize the paralyzing fear and open up a world of experiences and changes. It really can be compared to waking up, since now you are aware of more opportunities. It’s also a great way to know yourself. Get to know your limitations. Don’t worry if you discover things about yourself that you don’t like. Most things can be changed. There is really nothing to fear about the unknown. Once you relax about the unknown, you’ll be better prepared to deal with anything that comes up. Become the Jedi master of your own life and conquer your unknowns!

Know Reality

Part of knowing reality is realizing that parts of it might be currently dysfunctional due to the human influence, including your own influence. Knowing the negatives isn’t focusing on the negatives unless you are continually obsessed with the negatives. You need to know ALL of reality relative to your goals and desires. That’s the only way you can adjust your actions toward your goals. Analyze your current reality, choose your next best step, and then take that step. Ascend, rinse, and repeat.

Wake Up and Ascend!

There does seem to be an awakening happening as people realize that the powers in charge are not benefiting the rest of humanity. We see greed and corruption at every level of government, in the entire financial system, and unfortunately for us, many businesses seem to be acting with little to no regard for the rest of humanity or to the environment. Everything in place seems to be benefiting an upper echelon of rich and privileged people that could care less about us — even though they do need us to support them. We are their debt slaves and soldier slaves, doing their bidding of increasing their wealth at our expense. War is big business and they’re not about to give that up. Banking is a rich business and they’re not about to give that up either!

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Let’s face the facts. If you have the most money in the world, you essentially own everything, or at least you own most of everything and you can control everything else. You can dictate world politics and policies, you can influence wars and the financial markets, and you can control agriculture and medicine. Essentially, you can decide who lives and who dies.

Would a human really be that callous and evil? Certainly. We all have the capacity for being evil but most of us are simply not inclined toward being negative or evil. Unfortunately, the most powerful and richest dynasties on the planet today are the epitome of human evil. They are responsible for almost all of the human created death and destruction throughout history. They’ve been doing it to simply turn a profit for greed.

So, how do we wake up from and ascend this nightmare of global corruption and seemingly mad dash toward annihilation of our species? First, want to know. Educate yourself about our current reality. If you’ve been engrossed in video games or television shows, then you’re probably literally mind controlled and simply knowing that can snap yourself out of the trance. Remember, the old world order owns almost everything, including the media and entertainment industries, so they have the means to send subliminal programming to us on a continual basis. Turn off the media! Shut the television off and go outside or start a creative project! Once you regain your own mind back with a conscious goal of being free and clear of negative programming, you can begin to program yourself exactly the way you want. This is true mind-power ascension! This is self authority!

Congratulations, You’re Already Ascended

Imagine this: If we do indeed have a higher self, then we’re already ascended, and simply knowing that possibility will open up your mind to whatever information might be available in all that if it’s real.

Consider ascension as gaining more knowledge, using that knowledge, and perfecting your abilities. It’s not an end-goal but rather a continual state of mind of progressing however you choose that for yourself. Define yourself without relying on others to define that for you. Congratulations, you have ascended!

Extraterrestrial Intervention

Some Internet authors claim that there are benevolent extraterrestrial beings here to protect us from the evil cabal that has taken over the planet. People such as Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, and John Kettler claim similar and yet conflicting realities regarding what is happening to the Old World Order (New World Order NWO or Illuminati) of the dynastic and financial empires. They claim that extraterrestrials are pounding the old NWO into submission in an attempt to liberate the rest of us. These benevolent beings want us to prosper and ascend to a new age for humanity here on Earth. Or do they? I’d be suspicious of anyone or anything making that claim. If they’re real and actually helping us, then great. We definitely could use some help eliminating the epitome of human evil.

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We can’t count on so-far-unprovable events of ETs or even extra-dimensional beings here to save us. We can only count on ourselves to save us and the planet. Although Wilcock, Fulford, and Kettler sound positive and smart and on our side, they still might be part of a disinformation campaign designed by the power-elite to steer us in the wrong direction or to keep us distracted.

Full Disclosure, Full Honesty

I still see corrupt leaders in positions of power. I still see our rights being stripped away by control freak law-makers. I still see criminal companies such as Monsanto destroying the environment and shortening our lives with poisons. I see an increasingly irresponsible medical system and government agencies. I still see our hard-earned money being given to rich CEOs and bank bailouts. So, WTF Wilcock, Fulford and Kettler? Where’s the proof of any such ET contingency on our side or any proof that they’ve destroyed the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) designed to save the power elite during a human-created Armageddon. I still see chem-trails in the sky! Where’s the intervention? Most importantly of all, where’s the proof? Most of the time, these authors will come up with some good sounding excuse as to why the information is not available. We need proof! ETs should be able to easily disable chem-trail jets and any instrument of war. They should be able to easily overtake the media and show us evidence. It’s time for full disclosure and full honesty. Otherwise, all this talk about ETs/EDs is probably just science-fiction.

Culling the Population

Would a cabal of super rich families and monarchies really have their support crew kill off or cull a huge majority of the population in order to save the planet and resources for themselves? Certainly it’s possible. Remember, it’s important to know every part of reality, including the bad, to know what our next best step will be. If the cabal is real, then a few dozen to a few million cabal members can be put out of business by several billion of us if we organize. That’s going to take good people on the inside of the power system to stand-down when it comes to dictated actions against us. It’s going to take good people in the military and all levels and agencies of the government to stand up for us and arrest the criminals and con-artists in positions of power and in the rank and file. The con-artists have infiltrated every where. The time is now for an intellectual revolution and to overpower the criminal elite and their support crews. Let’s make this year, 2012, the year we take the planet back for everyone!

Escape the Matrix, Stop feeding the beast!

We need to rely on ourselves. We’re the only people that can overcome the epitome of human evil on this planet and put it out of business permanently. How? By spreading knowledge to help wake up everyone else to these facts. Become active and start demanding our rights back. Stop feeding the beast by supporting local businesses instead, such as organic farms and family-owned retail shops. Analyze what you buy and stop buying stuff you don’t need. Demand a world that is safe and clean for all of us now and for future generations. We have the capacity to adapt so let’s at least try! We have the drive and creativity to accomplish great things, so let’s continue! Envision a healthy planet fully capable of sustaining everyone.

December 21 2012

Regardless of what you’ve heard, there probably won’t be anything significant happening on December 21, 2012 that isn’t happening every year astronomically speaking. Read this explanation that includes where scientists estimate our solar system’s true position is relative to the theoretical plane of the galaxy. We’re actually a few dozen light years away on the north side, and moving away from the plane at 7 kilometer a second!

The astronomical intersection we see of the sun and the center of the Milky-Way is due to our perspective from Earth. Nothing more. Yes, Venus will transit the face of the sun (between us and the sun) on that day, but Venus was symbolic for many ancient cultures. The Mayans were simply fastidious sky watchers. Don’t count on the end of the world happening. In fact, let’s count on our continuation forward and in our prosperous survival forever more!

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David Wilcock’s hypothesis is that our galaxy emits waves of energy and that December 21, 2012 or at least this year will see the leading-edge of one such wave pass through our solar system. The Mayan calendar also happens to coincide with a timeline discovered in the great pyramid in Egypt. He also correlates information on crop-circles and ley-lines to support his hypothesis. His research and evidence is very compelling and interesting, but much of it is highly speculative and there’s no proof yet to say that it all ties together or how much of it is purely mystical thinking. Why would a galaxy-size wave-peak only last less than an Earth year, let alone one Earth day, and happen to coincide with our winter solstice? Maybe these source-field energy waves can initiate spontaneous life, or maybe it’s all fiction. We’ll see evidence or not, but we’re guessing not.

If we find that our DNA has somehow evolved this year, then maybe his hypothesis is correct and we will enjoy a new era as enlightened beings. Don’t count on that though. Count on yourself to create a new era for Y-O-U!

If we do secure the safety of the planet and all the people, then let’s use the date of December 21, 2012 as an astronomical event worth celebrating — representing the removal of the now-extinct Old World Order, criminal gangster banksters, criminal politicians and leaders, and criminal businesses. We need to be true custodians of this planet and protect our only home. There is no planet B, so let’s celebrate this planet and protect everything about it, including the inhabitants. Let’s all come together and guarantee 2012 is the year for all humanity to wake up and prosper. Let’s make it so! So be it!

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