Success is Your Responsibility

Perceive Reality – Use Your Brain!

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Opportunity is knocking at your door of reality. How do you respond?

Firstly, how do you perceive reality? Through your senses with your brain and mind, of course!

Without citing any particular belief system regarding reality and all the different philosophies, can you describe reality accurately? Are you absolutely sure you’re experiencing 100% of reality? There is so much that our senses cannot detect.

Maybe reality is all in our minds, or maybe it exists both internally and externally. It’s safe to assume that it’s both because we experience both.

To be ultimately successful, it’s important to at least act as if reality is both an internal and external experience. Respect both aspects since you experience both. Ignore either and you might miss something important! Stay aware and you’ll be able to grab all opportunities for success!

Success in Reality

How do you gauge success? Do you go by what other people tell you or do you only rely on your own self-judgments to know when you’ve been successful? Only you can define and judge what is success for you. What is true for you including success may not be true for other people. Reality on the other hand, is the same for everyone.

As discoveries take us into new areas, our perceptions of reality change, but reality will always be the same — a dynamic environment in which we exist and experience life.

It’s time to open the door to your success and wake up to experience your life!

Wake Up!

Wake up and live in the here-and-now of reality!

Most of us can operate relatively easily while we’re awake and everything in the awake-state seems to be the same for everyone. Generally, there might be slight variations in how our brains via our senses interpret reality, but overall, the human brain interprets the external basics such as gravity, light, temperature, obstacles, movements, and other such sensory stimuli in the same way. How each individual reacts/responds to stimulus varies, and many things can affect our brains which can change our perception of reality, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll use the normal healthy brain as the base model.

Everything is Energy but Separate

Albert Einstein and most real scientists agree that everything is energy, it’s just the frequency-vibration that gives us the elements that make up the physical universe.

Reality check: We may be made up of the same energies as everything else, but the energies are either on the loose or bottled up/slowed down vibrationally which gives us the fact of separateness and not connectedness.

The life you are living is not one energy-form and it’s not an illusion. This is reality. There may be other aspects of reality that we cannot detect or describe with our current instruments, but as far as we know right now, this may be it – various forms of energy. As per this reality, we are definitely separate from each other. Anyone that claims otherwise is just guessing. But of course, there are a few people that are intentionally lying about it to everyone else.

Oneness with everything is the old and new-age illusion while separateness has always been the reality.

Learn to embrace your separateness and uniqueness, and accept the fact that you are a single being experiencing life in a biological body.

It’s All an Illusion … Or is it?

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Anyone that claims that this reality is an illusion and that we’re all part of the same energy and connected to everything is probably just another new-age-guru or profiteer-wannabe. Reality is reality no matter how you slice, dice, and vibrate it. Why deny the reality of separateness by claiming everything is an illusion? Why listen to so-called gurus and prophets who tell you what they want you to hear yet they truly don’t care about you and really only want to separate you from your money?

There is absolutely no proof of any state or realm of existence where everything is blended into a homogeneous energy or all connected. It’s possible, but there has yet to be any proof of any such claim. We doubt it, but we’re open to reality. Mostly empty space does not describe connectedness to everything else.

We suggest to everyone to live their life as we experience it — as separate beings that interact with each other with our brains through our senses. To many people, separateness implies being alone, and there’s nothing wrong with knowing that you are a lone being as a biological entity surrounded with matter and other beings in biological bodies that should matter to you. We’re all in this part of reality together!

If you live your life fully in the here and now, without cluttering up your thoughts with so much hypothetical thinking and mystical beliefs, you’ll finally realize how important it is to find and live your passions in the here and now! Reflect on possibilities and even the bizarre for entertainment, but live fully in the here and now. The present instant can be the gift you give to yourself now and every instant.

The External is a Reflection of You

This is probably the most abused claim new-age gurus/wanabes and other people reiterate, and yet there is absolutely no proof to the assertion that the external world is a reflection of us. We are a part of reality, and we can take action to affect and change physical reality somewhat, but not all of reality is a reflection of us and our mental states. We produce valuable things and situations through creativity and effort, so yes, that much is a reflection, or more appropriately, the manifestation of the creative vision of those that bring forth new things.

Certain things and events such as the weather and natural catastrophes are not an outward reflection of our inner vision or psyche, we just experience it with our mind’s vision and subjectively interpret it all. Stuff happens outside our realm of control, so get used to it.

If you see corruption and the epitome of human evil in other humans and you finally recognize it within your own psychology, that’s just a coincidence and not an affirmation of the everything-is-a-reflection hypothesis.

I’m the most honest person I know and I can easily observe dishonesty in other people. I am generous and kind, yet I can see the greed and cruelness in other people. I prove the external-reflects-internal hypothesis wrong every day. If you want to believe the external world reflects you, it’s up to you, but I call it bullshit. I can see the doom and gloom in the external world and still be happy with my life. Assessing current reality sometimes requires looking at what we would consider to be negative or even horrific stuff. Knowing current reality is required in order to take your next best step toward your goals and successes.

Where’s Your Focus?

That’s another popular phrase for people who think that other people are being too negative or if they even mention something that is not positive.

Assessing reality can sometimes show negative things, and if you’re focused on those negative things continuously, then yes, you might have a problem with your focus. However, judging reality and pointing out negative facts doesn’t mean that you’re always focused on the negative. Again, you need to know all of reality related to where you want to be and what you want to create in your life.

If you discover negatives or setbacks or whatever, be confident, reassess your current reality and take more action! Positive thinking is good and much better than being negative, but it takes action to make your dreams come true and sometimes it might take looking at something that could be considered negative in order for you to adjust your next step properly.

We think it’s important to think positively and to use positive goals and descriptions of your current reality related to your goals as much as you can. Recognizing obstacles and negatives is part of the analysis process so don’t ignore or disregard anything that might be hindering your progress. Sometimes a setback can point you in a new direction. If you’re a drama-queen about everything, then yes, you might have a focusing problem.

Judging Reality

We make judgments every instant while we’re awake. Every physical movement you make is preceded by a judgment of your current reality. This may happen in a split-second, and you may not even realize that you’re making judgments on a continual basis, but it is necessary to make judgments in order to stay safe, to know where you are headed, and to take advantage of ever-changing situations. Every physical and mental step you take is accompanied by a series of judgments about your current reality. Be a good judge of your reality and you’ll achieve much more success.

Judging People

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It’s okay to judge anyone or anything. Anyone that claims that it is bad to judge others probably hates being judged or they had that don’t-judge-others programming installed by beliefs or by other people.

Judge not, else you will be judged. So what? I’ll judge whatever I want to judge and even condemn stupidity, greed, dishonesty, and any other fault of people. Judge and condemn me back as much as you want. I don’t care because I have confidence in myself. I’m also fully aware of my faults and shortcomings and I can take criticism easily and constructively, regardless of how it’s delivered.

If you have adequate self-esteem and confidence in yourself and in your decisions and actions, then you won’t care what anyone else says or thinks about you. Use criticism as input while separating out the usable facts from the fiction and drama. By the way, what anyone else thinks of you is none of your business!

There’s a difference between bashing someone’s character and judging them. In most cases, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself, but there’s nothing wrong with ranting and free expression is an inalienable right. There are too many morality-police that have lost touch with what freedom of choice and speech really mean, and they want us to behave according to their self-set rules. I respect my self-authority! I respect your self-authority and your right to judge me.

You can’t escape the fact that we are constantly judging reality and everything in it, including the other sentient beings with whom we interact. You can always make positive judgements if you want, but analyzing (judging) something negative about current reality is necessary for success.

Karma Karma Chameleon

Does anyone have proof of any such balancing mechanism of the universe? Do you really think the universe has intelligence and cares about our lives, thoughts and actions? Maybe there is such an intelligence or mechanism that hides like a chameleon in the fabric of reality, but at this point in our technological development and what we’ve scientifically learned about the universe, it’s safer to assume that the universe is not an entity and is simply neutral and inert as far as intelligence goes.

Therefore, at the very least we must take responsibility to do our own thinking and take our own actions to achieve success. Stop relying on the fairy-tales and smoke-and-mirror promises of new-age gurus and religious leaders pushing the guilt and the karma crap.

Shit happens. Good people can have tragedies and mishaps, while bad people can have good things happen in their lives. Those facts indicate that Karma is just another new-age manipulation tool to make you think it’s your fault for something you did earlier in your life or even in a past life or how you currently think. Guilt and fear are buttons the con-artists know how to press to get us to do what they want. It’s time to say NO to manipulations.

Are there only coincidences where nothing happens for a reason and it just happens, or is everything intrinsically locked in some kind of dynamic synchronicity? Maybe it’s a combination of both situations.

I’ve seen some profound and even bizarre synchronizations and the phenomenon needs further study, but at this point it still could all be just coincidence.

New age gurus and philosophers want you to think they know something you don’t know, and in some cases that might be true. However, if any person wants your money before they reveal their secrets, that is a typical ploy of con-artists. Just be aware that there’s a huge amount of information available today that is pure crap and the people peddling it know that it’s useless or disinformation.

Do good because you want to do good — mystical beliefs not required!

Success and Responsibility

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Aside from your successes and failures, for what exactly are you personally responsible? If there really is such a thing as coincidence and if we can’t control all parts of reality simply with the way we think and feel, and if most things are not a reflection of ourselves, then with what should we concern ourselves and take responsibility?

At the very least, you exist in a matter and biologically based reality, so you should definitely know as much about yourself as you can, and of course it helps to know as much about external reality as you can. Know thyself and know the world around you.

You are responsible for how you use your knowledge and if you gain more knowledge or if you stagnate.

Ultimately, you are responsible for you and only you, including your well-being and your very life.

It’s your choice to be responsible for other people if you want to be, and in some cases responsibility for others is part of the job or related to choices you have made. Certain people, such as children need other people in some respects, but it’s still a choice if you want to be responsible for anyone else.

Agreements with other people are responsibilities, so honor your choices.

Definitely take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, and to what situations or things of value you bring to yourself and other people. If you create, then you bring value to the world. Take responsibility for what you bring into the world.

To be successful, you’ll need a firm grasp of reality and know how to use your brain-mind.

Learn from your failures. Be a good judge of what went wrong, adjust, and then take more steps toward success!

Opportunity is knocking at your door of reality. Be sure to answer the call!

Your success is your responsibility.