Go from Sad to Happy in an Instant

photo_1569_20060515Sometimes we can feel sad, and when we do, it’s difficult to think how we could possibly become happy again. Well in fact, there are many easy ways to turn your mood around when you’re feeling down.

You’ll probably think that when you’re upset it’s extremely difficult to change your emotions. You’re not in the mood to be happy, you have to go through this feeling of sadness because it’s how you’ve been made to feel. There’s nothing you can do about it.

As hard as it is to believe at the time, there are a few things that really can make you happy, even when you’re down. You can’t stop them working. They’re pre-programmed into every human psyche just like the desire to eat.

Memorize this list and refer to it whenever you’re feeling low.


It is impossible to hate someone who has just made us laugh. Also it is impossible to feel sad while we laugh at humor. It may only last a few seconds, but there is definitely no ambivalence there. You’re either happy or sad. Being made to laugh is a quick and easy, although not very enduring, way to cheer yourself up.


Closely linked to humour, but they also give you a warm, longer lasting glow inside. Pets make you smile with their antics, and cuteness. Appreciate them, and they will return the feeling ten-fold.


If nothing else, friends take your mind off things. They have their own problems, or they’ll give you a new insight into your own. We all need understanding, and social interaction, it is an essential for our self esteem.


Think back to a time in your life when you felt truly happy. It might be happiness in retrospect, but that doesn’t matter. It all becomes retrospect at some point. Savor all your happy moments, and store them up for when you need to pick yourself up.

Looking forward to something

Take your mind on a trip to a place and time that you haven’t been yet. Feel the happiness that you’re going to experience doing this. Don’t look at it as being something that’s “going to happen”. Look at it as something that you’re actually experiencing now.

If you don’t have anything that you’re really looking forward to, you should do something to change that. There is always something to live for and you will find it hard to motivate yourself without anything.


Music is a magical psychological tool, similar to humor, that even our advanced conscious minds can’t resist. Perhaps this is because the kind of music we like reflects how we feel, so we only listen to music that compliments our mood anyway, so even if it’s a bad mood, it will still be what we want to hear.

Music is the most powerful tool to switch your mood. You can use it every day to ensure you stay in a happy state of mind. Try it.


If nothing else, take a second to stop and think about what you do have in your life. Can’t think of anything? What about your health, a roof over your head, and, (given the fact that you’re reading this article on the internet) a place in a civilization that is at the forefront of technology and comfort?

Take a minute to reflect on all the people in the world who are suffering from starvation, homelessness, disease, war, dictatorships and poverty. Then re-reflect on your situation. Is it really that bad? You’re actually very lucky!


It is important that you turn your mood around quickly, to avoid your despair snowballing out of control. By making a permanent effort to be happy, you will learn how to switch your mood in an instant.