Tricks of Authority

Tricks of Authority

We Can’t Be Trusted

Bigotry, racism, nationalism, jealousy, superstition, greed, and self-centered behavior are all learned patterns of behavior, which are strengthened or reinforced by our upbringing. These patterns of behavior are not inherited human traits or “human nature” as most people have been taught to believe. If the environment remains unaltered, similar behavior will reoccur. When we come into the world we arrive with a clean slate as far as our relationships with others are concerned. — From The Best That Money Can’t Buy, Page 89, by Jacque Fresco

Con-artist leaders make us believe that they are important and necessary for a society to run smoothly. They try to convince us that we will hurt society or ourselves if we are allowed to be totally free. Yet propagating this control is violation of our individual rights, no matter how trivial.

Currently we are dealing with crimes and problems after the event. Virtually no effort is put into prevention by education or other means. There is too much money and power to be made from crime and crime fighting.

Essentially, we are products of our environment. We don’t start off bad, we become whatever our experiences and environments shape us into.

So, in this corrupt world, discrimination and hate runs deep with some people. From dangerous bigotry to enacting laws targeting groups, discrimination truly drains the value of society. Yet, people should be free to be racist or sexist or discriminatory as much as they wish – just as long as they do not act on that discrimination and infringe on the rights of other people.

People are free to rant and spew vile beliefs all they want, but as soon as they physically attack someone or someone’s property, then they are infringing on those other people’s individual rights.

If anyone does follow through on these beliefs and violate someone else’s individual rights, then they can expect those people being attacked to defend their property and their safety.

Stealing or destroying property, hurting people or using force against people, and restricting freedoms are all violations of a universal premise that everyone has the rights to their property and their very lives. People should be allowed total freedom to think what they want and to do what they want if they are not violating the rights of others.

We Need Protection

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

The only protection we need is protection against the controlling elite and their ever growing power.

At the moment, the authorities have a particularly powerful weapon in their arsenal. They use terrorism as an excuse to force us into relinquishing some of our most fundamental liberties. Some governments have even used staged events to instill fear into citizens. Hitler did it, and there is the possibility that other governments, even the US has used false-flag events in order to reduce freedoms of its citizens. Even if they didn’t play a direct part in these events, they certainly benefit from the increased security installed following every terrorist attack or threat.

Granted, the authorities have a very tough job balancing liberty with security. However, the vast majority of people are under such gross misunderstandings about the situation that they will happily give up their freedom with very little persuasion from the government. The majority think that giving up our liberty for safety is worthwhile. This is a very dangerous situation. It proves how much some people, consciously and subconsciously, want to be led — regardless of the cause or outcome.

It’s incredible that in fighting the supposed terrorists that threaten our liberal way of life, we are giving up our liberty to stop them.

We’re doing the terrorist’s job for them! There has got to be a better way.

The number of deaths due to terrorism is very low, yet far more money is put into increasing our security and defence than is put into health research, health care, road saftey, education, improving infrastructure, and dealing with the root causes of the problems.


“A true patriot must always be willing to defend his country from its government.” – Edward Abbey

Governmental leaders and many established religious leaders deceive people into following their unrealistic causes and doctrines. One such method that is still very much prevailant is patriotism.

Why should we hold such significance to the place where we happened to be born? We are all humans and no different to our international brothers and sisters in terms of rights. Why would God only bless America?

However, we all grow up in very different cultures and environments. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being proud of our own personal community’s individual culture, its beautiful landscapes, its scientists, engineers, entrepeneurs, artists and sports people nutured within our particular education system, and anything that has a genuine tie with our personal location and individual community.

The past ideals of imperialism, spreading ideas and values, should be seen as what they are – illegal force. We can share our culture and our values with other countries, but they should not be forced upon them by any means. Not only does this kind of force breed discontent, it kills the rich diversity that makes our planet such an interesting place to live.



The bosses of our mass media, press, radio, film and television, succeed in their aim of taking our minds off disaster. Thus, the distraction they offer demands the antidote of maximum concentration on disaster. – Ernst Fischer

Most people are too blind to see when their liberties are being taken, because their attention is focused elsewhere, on their own personal lives, the current American Idol, or the latest murder. There has been a deliberate dumbing down of the population for many decades, perpetuated by the “forth arm of the government” – the corporate mass media.

News and so-called entertainment seems to be deliberately designed to stop us questionning the current establishment. Catered to the lowest common denominator, which is pretty damn low, typical bad TV programming is designed to require very little thought. While that might be what you intended, allowing you to “escape” into TV land, you may find that synapse connections in your brain are dying while they lay idle, having a similar effect to certain intoxicating substances.

It might be nice to switch off the brain from time to time, but there are much better ways to do it. Ignore this dumbing down from the media, and learn to see through it.


“In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to Liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

Most organized religions do not encourage free thought or independent thought. Followers are taught to accept the authority and word of the religious leaders. This is another type of mind-prison. Free thought encourages creativity and it encourages people to question things that might be incorrect. Questioning religious authority is typically never allowed.

What about non-believers? Aren’t the basic tenents of any religion a form of bigotry? Indeed, some religions consider non-believers as enemies to the point that violence against infidels is encouraged. These are not the actions of a free society.

Religion holds on to its credibility by offering morality. This is a problem, because the morality offered by religion is not based on reality. Religion controls billions of people using these concepts that have no basis in reality. It tells people how to think, and what moral guidelines to follow. Worst of all though, it undermines some of the most basic concepts of reality, and becomes the entire foundation for one’s thinking.

By using our own mind to think in uncorrupted, rational concepts based only on reality, we come to conclusions that are shocking to the irrational, non-reality based masses. A couple of examples? What about the fact that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around, the Earth is round, and matter is made up of atoms (all things that religious people said were heresies when discovered).

Religion and government continue to control us, sending us to war, taking away our basic liberties, hindering medical progress. It is all because we are still, after all these centuries, thinking in corrupted, irrational concepts not based on reality, and we do this because our reality based mind is corrupted by faith at an early age.


Advertisers manipulate us, politicians tell us only what we want to hear to sway our decisions and how we vote, clergy control us with guilt.

Question the motives of everything anyone says or does. Their words and actions will usually always be driven by their motives. You can tell what people want by what they say or by their actions. They may try to hide their motives, like when people bluff in poker. You should think about whether someone has a motive to bluff.

You might be asking: Are people really that manipulative? The thing is, many people try to manipulate you without even thinking. They are driven by their desires so they will do what it takes to get them satisfied, even if it is a subconscious effort.

An example is when you are talking to a potential romantic partner. You’ll only say things that you hope will ultimately end up with them falling for you. That is your motive. By realizing that motive in you, the potential partner can adjust their actions accordingly. For example, they can prolong the conversation in order to get more drinks bought for themselves. Of course, this is a slightly cynical perspective but it’s just to help you understand the concept of conscious and subconscious manipulating.

Politicians provide us with great examples of manipulation on a day to day basis. Politicians have political agendas to fulfill and they will say what they need to say in order to get the support of the public.

Of course they don’t lie, not exactly. Blatant lying is dangerous because if they are found out it would be devastating for their political careers. But bending the truth is easy when you over-complicate. However, their main tactic is to present the information to the public in a biased or out of context way.

For example, imagine they wanted to bring out a law that forces everyone to carry an ID card. Their hidden motive is that they can keep closer tabs on people. To get support they could play up the problem of illegal immigration, when the reality is that the amount of illegal immigration is really quite small, and not really a problem. Policing with ID cards would cause more administrative duties for the police and actually make the situation worse.

Remember, it’s not just politicians that present information in a manner that serves their purposes. Politicians, clergy, the media, advertisers, and sales people just happen to be experts at it but you will find that most people do it on some level.

Techniques people will use include:

* Blowing things out of context

* Bending the truth

* Exaggerating

* Withholding important facts

* Jumping to conclusions

* Giving biased information

You will find it easier to recognize these techniques in people by questioning their motives. When you identify people’s motives and manipulation techniques, you will no longer be affected by them.

Train yourself to become constantly aware of people’s motives to avoid being influenced by lies and half-truths. What sounds like it might be the truth could actually be far from it. The point is, even the person saying it might totally believe it. They themselves have fallen for the badly presented information and have convinced themselves it is true.

Always establish the facts and realize when information is being presented in error to you. You may find that in the past you have spread lies yourself without knowing it. It is important that you are honest with yourself and realize whenever you are not dealing with the truth.


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To be truly free we must individually reject all external authority. This is the most significant concept you can take away from this article. External authority corrupts and weakens your mind. You must develop self authority and integrate it into all your thoughts and actions.

There is no need to reject our moral guidelines when doing this. In fact, it will give you the clarity to create better ones.

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