Mind Evolve

Is it really possible to Evolve Your Mind?

Our minds evolve as technology increases.  Throughout history our minds have evolved by building on past achievements.

Imagine, if you could go back in time 1000 years. Imagine the knowledge, power and wisdom you would have compared with everyone in the entire world…

Think about it. With the knowledge you have today, it would be like you’re a more evolved human being – capable of solving problems that nobody else is even aware of. A little knowledge of CPR and you would look like a life-saving God.

So why not apply this method to evolve your mind even further?

What if you could have that kind of power TODAY? What if you could become one of the few people in today’s world with the knowledge and power only someone 1000 years from OUR future could possibly have?

Our revolutionary new e-book EVOLVE will show you how to train your mind to evolve and obtain these genius like powers.

You can evolve your mind with the secrets of history’s great men and women. Take your personal evolution to the next level!

mind evolve

Achieve Ultimate Success

We can show you how to uncover an infinite goldmine of opportunities that will fill every moment of your life with excitement and purpose!

Power Essence® spent 3 years working on a revolutionary “mind evolve” system of tools that allow you to harness this incredible power. Within just minutes, you can open up a floodgate of mind power and creativity!

In fact, you will learn pretty quickly how to:

Unlock the Billionaire Potential of your Mind!

Sound unbelievable? Let’s run through how we make this possible. First of all, we introduce you to a powerful mind evolve tool called Super Concept Formation. Super concepts are the ideas that every genius has. They usually rock the foundations of the world. Examples include Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and The Beatles’ music.

We’ll teach you what super concepts are and how to develop them frequently and abundantly, catapulting you into a life of success and purpose. It’s actually so easy, you’ll be shocked that everyone isn’t using this technique! (Then you’ll realize that most successful people actually ARE!)

You’ll be amazed at what you will be capable of with these simple mind evolving training techniques. See your perception increase, your mind speed up, and your memory become more efficient – with little effort!

As your mind’s capacity is blown wide open, you will experience a surge of empowering information and knowledge. Problems you may have found impossible will seem simplistic. There will be no upper limit to what you can comprehend, what you can integrate, and what you can achieve.

Then, you can begin a journey of total self improvement. The entire e-book has been developed from the ground up with one objective – Improve Every Single Area of Your Life.

“This book is totally mindblowing. It is already helping and changing my life in so many ways.”
Dave H., Grove, UK.

Evolve every aspect of your mind – TODAY!

Improve Your Creative Power

Now that you have the mind of a genius, exercise it by becoming more creative. Learn what makes something “art” and how to tap into the inspiration provided by entertainment and the visual arts. You’ll love discovering the secrets of success of musicians and other artists!

Find Your Passion – Live Your Dream!

Your creativity flows, and your mind works at a blistering pace creating incredible concepts, but only when doing something you love can you find happiness and truly shine as an individual. Learn how to find what you were born to do!

Make Money Doing What You Love!

So you’re a creative genius doing what you love. How do you turn that into cash? We reveal some of the most important secrets of business and enterprise!

Out-Compete Anyone!

Constantly improving every area of your life is vital to success. Learn how to have the “edge” in everything you do – staying one step ahead of the competition. Outclass the competition at job interviews, be the only person worth considering for promotion, and have customers hunt you down for your expert business.

Develop Awesome Personality, Character and Charisma!

Do you want to walk into a room and command attention? Do you want to become more assertive? Do you want to be liked? Maybe you just want to be a nicer person. Discover easy ways to increase your natural charisma. Get the respect you deserve. Be the one that potential lovers find strongly attractive.

Side-step Addictions and Worries

See how addictions and worries can be eliminated and prevented when you develop strength of mind by applying the concepts of this book.

Eliminate Depression and Anxiety

Fight depression effectively without drugs. Learn where to find hope – real hope – no matter what the situation. Acquire the strength to deal with any problem.

Increase Your Motivation Beyond Limits!

Do you find it hard to get motivated? You can learn how to fill every moment of your life with excitement. You’ll become so motivated you will jump out of bed every morning – filling each day – often each hour with many productive and exciting activities!

Achieve Incredible Health!

We all know how important our health is – but how many of us can really stick to an exercise routine or a diet? Discover our simple diet solutions and learn some great ways to keep up your fitness program! You will learn supportive habits to maximize your health and well-being.

Wake Up with the Partner of Your Dreams!

How do you find true love – and keep it? Why do so many relationships break down? How do you keep the butterflies of excitement there even if you’ve been together for years?

Get the most out of life!

Juggling a career, a relationship, a family and a business can be tough. How do you fit it all in? Discover our ground breaking Time management system and watch your efficiency skyrocket. Every day will be jammed full of inspiration, productivity, and entertainment, at the same time giving you more time to spend with your loved ones!

Raise Geniuses!

What about your children? Do you want them to grow up safe, and be successful? Children today aren’t taught to think but to only absorb whatever information TV or agenda-driven teachers throw at them. We have the information every parent needs to raise well adjusted, decent, intelligent, and most of all highly successful members of society that think for themselves and aren’t corrupted by peers or irresponsible adults.

“I am seriously concerned as to why this information is not only not taught at schools, but is not even available to students. As far as I am concerned this material should be recommended reading for everyone that is able to read, purely because it will change not only your life, but if enough people understand the scope of what they are capable of, then the world will become a much, much better place.”
Steve G., Australia

Unleash the power of your mind!

mind evolve

From cover to cover, the ebook contains over 300 jam-packed, large, printable pages! This electronic version is fully bookmarked for each chapter and appendix, and it also has the audio-read function turned on. Adobe can read it aloud to you!

So how much does this awesome package cost? Well, we know it’s an incredible e-book. The information you will learn is priceless. It will absolutely change your life for the better. However, we’re going to charge a ridiculously low price of (USD) $9.99!

This is an unheard of price for such a valuable book!

We’re hoping this will get people reading it and give us more good testimonials. We’re convinced you’ll love EVOLVE so much, that you will want to tell your friends and families about this valuable e-book.

Pay with your credit or debit card using Paypal.* It’s that easy! It doesn’t matter what currency you pay in, Paypal will convert it for you. You don’t even need to be a member of Paypal to purchase now!

It is really outstanding. Not only is it so easy to read, follow and understand – but it evokes a sense of excitement – it gives one a sense of hope, of being able to change things for the better. It brings home realities which are quite startling.
A. A., South Africa

Still not convinced?

What are you and your family doing tonight, tomorrow night, or this weekend? Imagine if you won the lottery – would you still be doing the same things? If you could do anything you wanted, is that what you would chose to do? The amazing truth is, you don’t need to win the lottery to enter the explosive, exciting life you deserve!

Live the life you were meant to live – today!

“Your package is amazing! I’m the mother of two children and I plan on jump starting their evolution with this important information. I thank my friend every day for introducing me to your website. I really feel alive more than ever, Wow!”
Lillian McDonald, Glasgow, Scotland
“I’m surprised Power Essence has not been shut down by your government. Maybe they realize that they can’t stop the truth from being revealed. I hope the things you say will come true before the criminals of the world destroy us!”
Kara B, Capetown, South Africa

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