Mind Prison

Supposedly, we live in a democracy.

So how did we find ourselves in a situation where the government pretty much does what it likes?

We have the power of the vote but it never seems to make any difference. The world is being run by a handful of people and we continue to be slaves to this obviously broken system.

• They make us go to war despite the biggest protests in history.
• Religious leaders get away with despicable crimes against children.
• The media fills our minds with fear and produces endless amounts of sub standard entertainment to keep us distracted.
• Teachers teach us how to integrate as work slaves instead of how to solve problems and create real value.

If you’re reading this the chances are you’re aware that something just doesn’t add up. We’re intelligent people and we do all the work. We create values. Yet these “leaders” create nothing of value and control our lives like the kings and queens of old!

Thankfully, the world is changing. People are waking up to this outdated system. A revolution in thinking is happening, but it all starts with each individual.

“There is no Freedom Without Individual Freedom” – Tenth Amendment

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