The Greatest Deception Ever

Edited by Maxwell Jennings


Current Reality

After several years of analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion that humanity and planet Earth are in a precarious state, and it is due to a very sinister and hidden agenda of severely psychotic entities. Evil, whether just people or worse, is in charge and It and the criminal cartel It utilizes care absolutely nothing about the rest of us and only about their main goals — reduced population, one world government, and one world religion — a new world order. The type of government they want is fascism — where they live in luxury at our expense and we, the working class live in poverty, thus keeping us under control. The religion they want is Luciferianism or one of its many forms, regardless if that particular character is real or not. Currently, they use financial collapse, poisons, pollution, and wars to curtail the population. These statements are based on factual data that is in plain sight to us all, yet most people don’t realize what it is that they’re looking at. Most people consciously ignore the big picture and rely on mainstream media/education/authority to tell them to what and how to think.

If you doubt any of this, then follow the links in this article and come to your own conclusions.

We’re being manipulated and controlled from birth to death, but there are things we can do to counteract the manipulation and control over our lives.

It’s Partly Your Fault

Even if we’re all connected through a Universal Force to everything else, thus making negative beings essentially part of everything else, we experience current reality as separate beings. Therefore, no, it’s not your fault and it’s not my fault the way things are the way they are. The blame can be precisely placed on a small group of people near the top of the control structure and whatever It is at the very top.

If anyone ever tells you that you recognize the evil in the world because that evil is within you, that person telling you that is part of the problem, because their conscious or unconscious goal is to divert the blame away from the real culprits — the criminal elite and their goons. Certainly, we all have the capability of being horrendously evil and doing negative things, but most of us are inclined to be good and caring toward other humans. That’s our true nature. Just because you can recognize evil doesn’t make you evil. Recognizing current reality is important in taking our next best step toward a planet that we want, not what the evil, greedy elite want.

They’ve used many methods to deceive us for thousands of years, and unfortunately, the masses have been oblivious to their agendas and plans. However, now that we’re conscious of their games, tactics and intent, it’s our responsibility to free ourselves. If you decide not to free yourself and to remain in the Matrix, then yes, you are part of the problem. The only way out is to resist, to not comply, and to say NO!


How people turn to doing evil could be entirely psychological and I’m sure there are volumes written on the subject, but at least entertain the idea of there being a realm of entities that are purely evil. If there truly is such a realm, then they’ve done a pretty good job of pulling off the greatest deception ever — making most of us believe that they don’t exist. There’s plenty of evidence indicating the existence of such a realm and they may be using CERN to open it up to our realm. Take a look at the CERN logo and you’ll see three sixes in the design. The statue outside the facility is of Shiva doing the dance of destruction. Why would scientists concern themselves with the occult?

If it’s just a bunch of severely sick people/humanoids that run the show, thinking they’re being directed from the dark-side, then they’ve pulled off the greatest deception ever by covertly infiltrating all branches of government, military, educational institutions, media, mega churches and all religions, all major corporations, banking, manufacturing, and food production industries.

The Jesuit agenda is probably the most sinister and evil manifesto ever written. Look it up.

The Devil Made Them Do It

The very top may be just people or entities pretending to be people, but they believe that the ruler of this world is Lucifer in all his various disguises. Regardless of what you believe, they believe in all things dark-occult and have utilized that belief system for thousands of years against the rest of us. It originates at least as far back as ancient Babylon and the mystery religions and is alive and well within the controlling cores of most religions, the upper echelon of secret societies, and covertly/overtly celebrated in movies, television, advertising, and in almost all genres of the music industry. You literally have to sign a contract with the devil in your own blood, and do many things you don’t want to do just to become famous in the entertainment business, but you’ll be their expendable bitch-tool.

Secret Societies

Secret Societies/Exclusive Clubs may start out fine, simply keeping their oaths, group decisions, and rituals a secret, but eventually, the evil element will infiltrate and make its way to the highest rank possible. Having secrets often leads to using deception and in using any means necessary to fulfill the organization’s requirements. If the end result fulfills the requirements, then the means by which members take to get the result is fully justified. Murder, theft, and fraud become standard operating procedure because they’re all operating by the organization’s rules. Any one outside of the group is expendable. Everyone in the group is protected as long as they’re in good standing and have faithfully executed the oath of secrecy. No other member can testify against another member in a court of law. If you’re a member of a particular group and you get pulled over by a fellow-member cop, no matter what you did, you are let go with just a warning and probably a goof-ass handshake.

By now, all of the major and most of the minor private clubs/secret societies are probably organized together for that (NWO) new world order agenda.

What's that spell? SHIT

What’s that spell? SHIT

Colors, Numbers, Spells-sllepS, Staged Events

(Insert your own counter-spell when necessary!)

All colors, numbers, and symbols mean something to those who practice black-magic. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but evil-minded people claim ownership of everything and they will turn that cigar into something sinister. They like to invert things and assign opposite meanings. Some people see the hand sign for “I love you” – forefinger and little finger raised and the other fingers bent as nothing sinister at all, yet the dark cabal uses it to salute Satan with the devil horns. The “okay” hand sign is usurped as 666. Pyramid hand signs (Illuminati), covering one eye (all seeing eye), the forefinger to lips (oath of secrecy), and tongue sticking way out (Kali), all have sinister meanings for these sick and twisted people. Politicians, musicians, athletes, and many Hollywood stars love to flash their New World Order gang signs, signalling that they’re in on the greatest deception ever. Realize that they’ve been doing this in-your-face programming your entire life, and repetition is easy brainwashing.

We, sovereign beings, cancel out your spells and take ownership of everything for the good of everyone, so be it.

One of the best ways to determine if an event covered by the mainstream media is a staged event (all actors) or a false-flag event (blood sacrifice), is to look for specific colors, numbers, and reuse of crisis actors. Crisis actors are hired to play injured victims and their families, witnesses, parents of the crazed person, and even later on as attorneys and medical professionals. In many cases, you’ll see the same people being used for several events. If you can easily bring up tears, you’re used often. These staged drills are then portrayed in the media as real events. Some of these hired actors may not know that they’re involved in a deception, but many are official goons and know fully well what they’re doing and why. One way to insure loyalty to the families and brotherhood is to use family members in key roles. It’s one big acting troop. It’s time we collectively drop the curtain on this sick entertainment and put them out of business for good.

The black and white checkerboard floor in the ritual room of Baphomet in all Masonic temple rooms is used often as a signature by the Freemasons, showing to all associated secret organizations that the Masons had a hand in orchestrating the staged event or at least a part in it. You’ll start to see how often they use the duality of black and white. They also love to use red and blue which represent the first few steps of the Masonic level hierarchy. Many proud mason business men use red and blue in their logos. What color is your national flag? George Washington was a 33rd-degree Mason, as were many other U.S. presidents. Red, black and white are the chosen colors of the church of Satan. They’ll use every opportunity they can to display their gang colors to pay homage to their master. Not all Masons worship Lucifer. Only those invited to the 33rd level know of this. If you refuse, you’re pretty much stuck at 32 degree. With the York-rite, level 13 is the turning point. The time is now to destroy these pyramids of power that have a strangle hold on the Earth.

They also like to use numbers to indicate their signatures, to signal each other, and as spells, such as 33 (Scottish-rite level), 3,22 (Skull and Bones), 13 (York-Rite). Regardless if numbers and colors have magical aspects or not, these people are dark-side occultists, so they do believe in magic, especially the black (evil) kind, and they use it all the time. Everything has a dark/evil meaning for them. Are they really that deranged enough to keep trying for ongoing generations to use the dark-side or are they really being helped (or controlled) by something that’s there? If so, then we choose to eject all evil and close all portals now, so be it. Christians, I recommend using this specific command when binding and casting out: “In the true name of the one and only true messiah, I bind you with true eternal chains, cast you into the true eternal pit and into the the true eternal lake of fire.” BAM, bitches!

Many words – which we “spell” – have old occult meaning and origins. Even our alphabet characters have occult origins. Yes, sometimes a word is just a word, but these psychos do elaborate rituals using specific words, on specific days, and at specific times. The image of “IXXI” can be found embellished in stone on ancient architecture. This particular representation is used, even if it’s a subtle image in the background, in all visual arts and in the majority of music videos. Look for it and you’ll find that they’re using it everywhere. Converting those Roman numerals IX-XI gives 9-11, which is a prominent set of numbers for these Ill-uminatist/Luciferians/Criminal Elite. They even did an Ill-uminati, all-seeing-eye, groundbreaking ritual at ground zero to anchor the new construction to the blood-sacrifice event that happened on September 11th, 2001. The criminal elite and their goons are the real terrorists and they should be treated as such.

They want us to burn these images into our subconscious, where they can be brought up enough to influence our behaviors. They’re brainwashing us into accepting their agendas, one of which is total gun confiscation. That’s why they’re staging so many shootings (propaganda skits) – to convince us to rally around their solution. Here’s a recent example: A female reporter is interviewing someone on live TV and a co-worker films himself shooting the reporter and camera-man. First, the reporter, a blonde (white) is dressed in red and black (satanic) with a black band on her left leg (Freemason). Second, the firing clip-load style gun is not ejecting any spent bullet shells after each firing. That fact alone makes this entire event a hoax. Third, hollow-point bullets are designed to expand and fragment when they hit, so the exit wound is usually many times larger than the entry wound if the bullet even exits. A hollow-point bullet will knock most people off their feet, and yet there are no impact jarring movements as she reacted and then fled. They’re leaving out details and yet it’s unbelievable to me how many people accept it as real. And if they can get you to be emotional about the event, then they have you hooked into their agenda. Unhook yourselves by looking at the details and asking questions. Consciously choose to awaken to the full reality.

And just in case, choose to cancel all spells and trances upon you in whatever way your belief system recommends.

Becoming consciously aware of all this can also help cancel out the effects of a life-time of negative programming.


“a bundle of rods containing an ax with the blade projecting… used as the symbol of Fascism [or total authority].”


Do an image search for “fasces” or “fasci” to see just how commonly it is used in U.S. Government emblems such as in the Capital Building dome architecture, the back-drop to the U.S. Congress, the Lincoln Memorial, and on the reverse of early U.S. dime designs. They know what they’re doing and it’s all occult in nature.

The slogan “In God We Trust” refers to Lucifer, and that’s why it was adopted and put everywhere, including the Federal Reserve debt notes and coins the USA uses as currency. They consider Lucifer the god of this world.


The Federal Reserve was conceived by Rockefeller (Rothschild) and other bankers on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia, United States. It’s rumored that the Rockefeller ‘cabin’ room, where the Fed was discussed and formed was built directly over the excavated remains of a blood sacrifice alter. Skeletal remains found on the island from the early culture were of giants. In fact, giant skeletons have been found across North America, including Catalina island off the coast of Southern California. Ancient cultures across the planet tell of giants.

Common physical attributes include six digits (fingers/toes) on each hand and foot, and double rows of teeth. A common social behavior for these giants was to perform blood sacrifices and cannibalism of us smaller humans, remains of which have been found in the excavated camp fires.

The evil cabal has had plenty of time to confiscate/destroy artifacts, cover up evidence, rewrite historical accounts, and plant their own deceptive evidence to the point where only they know the full truth, and they’ll use everything possible to keep the rest of us ignorant of the facts. They teach us what they want us to learn which is mostly lies. They manipulate us through their systems and virtually control us from birth to death. They have been performing psychological warfare on us for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The Devil in the Details

Here is a link to a series of videos by a former Catholic turned Atheist turned 7th-day Adventist. Walter Veith is a South African University professor who set out to disprove the Christian Bible, but wound up convincing himself that it has historical relevance. Regardless of your beliefs, I highly suggest looking at the entire 36-video series for whatever information you want and disregard the rest. Just remember, King James was a Scottish-Rite Freemason, and 33-degree Freemason means they’ve taken an oath to Lucifer.

Total Onslaught Series

Be sure to at least look at these in the series, but I recommend all 36 videos for the full-exposure affect:

(11) The Secret Behind Secret Societies

(12) Hidden Agendas

(16) The Islamic Connection”

(21) A New World Order

Suggested Search Terms


Here is a list of search-terms for looking up study material. Just be aware that the deception campaign is in full-operation mode, so many goons-trolls of the new world order are mixing lies with truths to confuse us. It’s important for you to develop your own natural ability to discern truth from lies and if the information is valid or just another attempt to incite fear and other negative emotions. Shills/Trolls of the new world order are also out in mass, posting psychological operation (psy-op) comments to counteract the fact that people are waking up to the greatest deception, ever. If you start your search on Youtube, notice how many different people are posting on the subject. Watch several different opinions and see if you can tell who is pushing the evil agenda as a gate-keeper (someone who reveals some truth but steers you away from the entire truth) and who is posting as an honest truth-seeker. Seek that which rings true for you.

new world order
satan in the vatican
IHS Isis, Horus, Set
knights templar
knights of columbus
knights of malta

Scottish-rite freemason King James
33-degree freemasons Lucifer
33-degree freemason NASA astronauts
33-degree freemason mega-church leaders
freemason Billy Graham
freemason Benny Hinn
freemason Joel Osteen
freemason Robert Schuller
freemason Mormons
freemason Joseph Smith
freemason Bringham Young
freemason L. Ron Hubbard
freemason U.S. presidents
freemason Walt Disney
Arab freemasons
jack parsons satanist JPL
freemason Francis Bacon
two towers of freemason

presidents, politicians related to royalty
skull and bones
bohemian grove
hellfire club Benjamin Franklin

elites pedophiles
elites and child/blood sacrifice

council on foreign relations (CFR)
trilateral commission

Washington D.C. occult street layout
illuminati card game
illuminati music industry
illuminati hand signs
John Todd illuminati
celebrities selling their souls to satan
illuminati symbolism in movies
all seeing eye
Jekyll Island Federal Reserve
illuminati symbols on US currency

King Solomon book of Jinn
giant skeletons

satanic hand signs celebrities
Sasha Fierce
666 barcode
666 product images
666 Satan children shows cartoons
666 Disney logo
subliminal programming

sign of the beast in corporate logos
MK-ultra CIA mind control
false flag events
crisis actors
Georgia guide stones
GMO Monsanto

CERN portal
CERN logo 666
CERN Shiva

Their agenda is to make Satan/Lucifer seem cool, normal, and totally acceptable, making it easier for people to actually join the “club”/cult.

Easily Entertained

We’re way too easily entertained. The elite along with their CIA mind-control goons figured out an easy way to program us, and it’s called television programming. But they’ve been entertaining us for thousands of years. Hypnotic states, even if subtle, give the programmer/magician the opportunity to easily slip in subliminal suggestions and commands. Campfire is very mesmerizing. Flicker rate and light pulsations, mixed with rotating partial circles on the TV screen is all very hypnotic. They can get you believing in practically anything with enough repetitions. And they always try to trigger emotions to anchor them with the staged event. Your emotions can be and have been used against you.

Watch less television. In fact, experiment by keeping the TV off for three days at the minimum. Check your addiction level. How long can you go without it? Check the quality of the programs available and hopefully you’ll realize that the majority of it is pure crap, and the mainstream media portrays mostly lies. They mix in truths to mask the lies, and propaganda to influence our lives.

Get outside more, and do more things that bring you happiness.

What Can We Do?

“As above, so below” is one of the criminal elite’s favorite sayings and is symbolized in the image of Baphomet pointing upward with one hand and downward with the other hand. Things that we conceive in our mind can become manifest on this lower physical plane. As below, so above must also hold true, so by holding a positive end-result in our minds, this can manifest in higher realms if they exist. Let’s assume that they can be manifested. One way we can fight these criminals is by mentally seeing them taken out of existence, forever. It’s time to use their tactics against them.

Change the Little Things to Change the World

Here is a YouTube channel I highly recommend, but again, use what feels right to you and disregard the rest:

Pockets of the Future

…and a few of the must-see videos of Paul Romano’s:

The God Within All of Us

Be able to recognize the occult symbolism being displayed to our subconscious minds through all forms of the media, and be able to recognize a false-flag event when it happens:

Staged Shootings and Crisis Actors

Charleston Hoax: How the Illuminati is Trolling For Dissenters in a Cartoon World

Take Responsibility

As mentioned previously, it’s important to take full responsibility for yourself and your life. Take a look at your personality, your actions, and your decisions and make sure you’re operating from a moral base. Being moral means doing what is right and doing what upholds life and respect for others, and that which adds value to the world. Being immoral mean infringing on another individual’s freedoms and other natural rights. If an action restricts freedoms of another individual, that is being immoral.

Following orders without question can be dangerously immoral. Following Orders means doing what you are told to do, without judging for yourself whether or not the action you are being ordered to carry out is Right or Wrong. This is one of the most important presentation on this subject of following orders<<<. It's time to quit your cult and start caring for yourself and others.

Go Off Grid

If at all possible, get solar power or other forms of energy production installed in case they take down the electricity on a large scale. They’ll claim it was a terrorist attack (fear) and offer us a solution (deception), which will probably be putting us in FEMA camps and/or Martial law. However, remember that one of their goals is to reduce the population and putting us all in camps would make it much easier for them to eliminate us. They look at us as useless eaters, consuming their resources.

We may have to resist with the same tactic they use — namely deception. Keep some non-crucial electrical consumption on the grid to make it look like you’re still on the grid, but slowly put crucial things on a separate, stand-alone system. You don’t want to simply have a back-up that is connected to the power company because they’ve been requiring smart meters for everyone so that they can tell exactly what type of devices you’re using, and in a black-out, they’ll be able to tell if you have a backup system. Keep off-grid wiring away from wires attached to the utility company, just in case they can detect electrical currents with the smart meter system.

Get emergency-rations enough for at least several months. Hope for the Best. Prepare for the worst. Always be Prepared!

Soft Kill

Buy organic foods and support your local growers and markets. Get away from processed foods and sugar-laden products since these are soft-kill consumables. Soft-kill is anything designed to compromise your health and shorten your life. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) such as corn, potatoes, beets, soy, peanuts, etc, are touted as safe, and maybe some are, but much of it is soft-kill.

The basic premise of vaccines and the original intention was good, but unfortunately, all that production and dispensing is controlled by those who wish to shorten our lives while compelling us ever deeper into their “health” care system. Putting known toxins into vaccines as a supposed “preservative” is just another way of soft-killing and thinning the herd. Forcing people to be vaccinated is Nazi-style tactics to make us take their poisons.