Truth Warrior Presentations

Unite Around The TRUTH

David Whitehead: “I share my thoughts on what I think is happening with COVID, the Riots the roots of and mass hysteria and more. I also watch some footage with you and give commentary on what was just released by the World Economic Forum which details their agenda that they are calling ‘The Great Reset'”.

Youtube: Unite Around The TRUTH

Psychology of Conspiracy Deniers

David Whitehead: “A well known Canadian Professor, David Black, has been doing a series of webinars attempting to debunk conspiracy theory. Is his theory about conspiracy theories accurate and honest?

“In this episode for Truth Warrior, I invite back Michael Tsarion for an in depth analysis of Black’s public statements to see if they hold water.”

Youtube: Psychology of Conspiracy Deniers

Communism’s Internal Meltdown

David Whitehead: “Is there a meltdown taking place at the top of the power pyramid? Where does the Fabian Society and the Communist International fit into the current societal meltdown that we are all witnessing? What is this all really about? Michael Tsarion joins me for an update on these questions and more.”

Youtube: Communism’s Internal Meltdown